Trademark hearing in India or Show-cause hearining in India

Trademark hearing or Show cause hearing is the final stage for acceptance or refusal of the Trademark application in India.
Generally, Trademark hearing date is informed to the applicant or applicant attorney through mail or physical copy dispatch at applicant’s address.

But, it is always advisable to keep checking the trademark hearing status every 15 days, once the alert shows in Trademark status i.e Ready for show cause hearing it means Trademark hearing date will be updated soon but this status does not mean that Trademark hearing date is issued.

Trademark hearing date is updated in notice and correspondence section as Trademark hearing notice in new trademark status format.
Anyone can take the Trademark application number and check for Trademark hearing date.

Trademark hearing Process

Once the Trademark hearing date is issued, it is very important for the applicant to not to leave the Trademark hearing unattended, as this may lead it refusal of the Trademark Application filed without going into merit of the Trademark application.

Generally, an applicant is awarded three Trademark hearings to defend its Trademark application.

Trademark hearing Fees

Generally, there is no specific Government fee applicable for Trademark hearing; it’s only the professional fees that may be charged by the Advocate attending the Trademark hearing at designated Trademark registry.

But, in case Trademark adjournment is sought a form TM-M is filed which has a Fees of Rs 900/-

The same form is also filed in case, there is request for any change or correction or amendment in the Trademark application filed.

Trademark Hearing Jurisdictions

Trademark hearings Takes place only at 5 states namely DELHI, MUMBAI, CHENNAI, KOLKATA, and AHMEDABAD, which depends on address of the applicant as mentioned in the Trademark application filed.

Requirement for Trademark Hearing

1) Power of Attorney- Duly signed and Notarised
2) User Affidavit- If applicable.

Get your Trademark hearing done by Experts Lawyers:

At a very small Price of Rupees: ₹6000-7000
(Based upon State of hearing)
Irrespective of number of hearings to be attended for one Trademark application.

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