Patent Drafting and Prosecution

Patent Application drafting:

Company360 has substantial amount of experience in patent drafting. We understand, analyze, interpret and draft patent applications to perfection. We have a strong team of patent agents and technologist, who work in systematic internal processes to understand your invention and deliver quality patent drafts. Our patent drafting team can expertly draft patents in various domains of science and technology.

Office Action Response/ Examination Report Response:

Company360 has extensive experience in assisting various law firms and corporations around the globe and in preparing complete response to rejections/objections raised by the local patent offices. The quality of every OAR is maintained by an internal three level quality check ñ review of technical inputs by a technology expert, legal review by a patent agent, and bibliographic data/ formatting by peers. Company360 is committed to provide accurate technical inputs in a time bound fashion with an appreciable cost advantage.

Invention disclosure development:

As a part of Invention development we provide the inventor with the prior art existing in the domain and helps him/her in further refining the invention. We provide complete end-to-end support from fructification of an idea to prior art search to patent drafting.

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