Patent Analytics

Novelty searches:

Our patentability patent searches cover US, WIPO, EPO, Japan, Korea, China, Canada, and hundreds of other foreign jurisdictions. We also thoroughly search Non-Patent Literature, including related electronically available journals, websites, technical literature, manuals, books, articles, and blogs.

Patent Invalidity Search:

Company360 provides validity & Invalidity Search help in confirming a patent's enforceability or invalidate it. Our team of experts conduct a thorough patent and non-patent literature search to identify the prior art literatures that might invalidate the patent under study. Potential prior arts along with the bibliographic details are included in the report. The report further includes mapping of the relevant text of the identified prior art literature. Further, antecedent and enablement issues, non-compliance to duty of disclosure etc. are also analyzed to make the report more concrete. Further, we carefully scope the search to focus on the most relevant sources and fit a predetermined budget.

Freedom-to-Operate/Clearance Search:

Company360ís Freedom to Operate/Clearance Search identifies third party enforceable patents and patent publications which helps our clients in assessing the risk of potential infringement in a particular jurisdiction. Product specification/Invention Disclosure is compared with the claim language of the patents. Legal status of the enforced patents and patent publications is also provided with this report.

Chemical structure search:

We provide effective search strategy used in patent database to dig out each and every relevant prior art reference. We have a dedicated team of chemical technology which includes experts in specialized chemistry areas.

Claim Chart Construction

Company360 undertakes claim charting projects from almost every technology discipline. Depending on client requirements and business objectives, claim charts are combined with other analysis such as: validity/invalidity, infringement, licensing support services or due diligence. Detailed element wise mapping of infringed claim is provided to justify the infringement or invalidity of the intellectual property.

Design Patent search:

Company360 offers design search across U.S., European & rest of the world. Our team of experts search for registered designs on World-wide basis and across various databases including Hague Express, RCD Online, and on Websites of individual patent office(s) around the World. The search also includes Locarno Classification based search.

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