International Trademark Registration for Indian Companies and Individuals

International trademark registration specially in United States provides you with a greater protection to your products in one of the most consumer focused market. The trademark registration cycle in United States is similar to that of India. However, Trademark protection and its infringement proceedings are quiet swift in United states as compared to India.

Benefits of International Trademark Registeration in United States:

      1) Helps you to establish monopoly on online portals such as Amazon.
      2) Helps to secure registrations in other countries.
      3) Helps to establish your brand internationally.
      4) Helps you to make base to establish your brand as Well known brand.

Requirements of Registering Trademark in United States:

      1) Name of the applicant.
      2) Type of Mark.
      3) Details about prior use of the mark.
      4) Address of the applicant.
      5) A clear representation of the mark selected.
      6) A complete listing of goods and services of the business.
      7) A filing fee for at least one class of the goods and services.

Process of trademark registration in United States:
      Step 1: Filing of an Application.
      Step 2: Examination of the Application- i.e Issuance of Office Action.
      Step 3: Reply to Office Action (Within 6 Months from Date of Issuance).
      Step 4: Publication of the Application.
         Step 4.1: Opposition by Third Party (if that happens).
         Step 4.2: Hearing before Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).
      Step 5: Registration of Trademark.

This is the basic information, apart from this many other details such as statement of use etc are also required in order to successfully prosecute a Trademark application in United States.

Trademark Application Fees in United States has three options :

Option 1 : $225
Option 2 : $275
Option 3 : $400
Our Professional Fees : 300 USD ONLY
Note: Almost all trademark fees for any part of the process are calculated on a "per class basis" for all listed goods and/or services, which will make overall fees higher if goods/services fall in more than one class. Also, fees presented here are based on electronic filing (paper filings, although permitted, have much higher associated fees).

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