REQUIREMENTS for registration Limited Liability Partnership(LLP)

  1. 1. Minimum of two Partners out of which at least one should be resident Indian are required to initiate the LLP registration.
  2. 2. If a body corporate is a partner, it has to nominate a natural person as its nominee.
  3. 3. There is no concept of share capital but there has to be some contribution from partner known as partner’s capital for the formation of an LLP

Benefits of Registering Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  1. 1. Online Registration of LLP (30-35 days varying state to state).
  2. 2. No restriction on maximum number of members in LLP registration unlike in private limited company registration.
  3. 3. Least Compliances in comparison to other form of companies.
  4. 4. No minimum capital is required for registration of LLP.




LLP Form 1
(Including Name reservation, basic details)

LLP Form 2
(Incorporation Form)

Wait for approval from ROC

At a very small Price of Rupees: ₹8499
No hidden cost - unlike others ! or call +91 964 334 0938

Stamp duties are extra for:


Madhya Pradesh:₹6000



Frequently Asked Questions ?

Q. Why to go for limited liability partnership?
1. Least intervention of compliances in comparison to private limited.
2. Easily control by pre decided clause in Partnership Agreement.
3. No minimum capital bar to start the Limited Liability Partnership.
4. Easy and low cost required for registering a Limited Liability Partnership in India.
Q. What are the documents required for limited liability partnership registration in India
1. PAN card of each Partner.
2. Photographs of each partner.
3. ID Proof and Address proof of partner.
4. Address proof of registered address of LLP with NOC from landlord.
Q. What is Limited Liability Partnership?
Limited Liability Partnership is mixture of corporate structure and partnership firm. It is best for people who need flexibility in their own moves of business. As name suggest, here the liability of partners can be limited to their agreed contribution in the LLP agreement.LLP is a hybrid between a company and a partnership.
Q. How much time will it take to register a limited liability partnership in India?
 It normally takes 30-35 working days after submission of all requisite documents. But sometimes it may vary to around a month and a half also which depends of state of registration, as each state has its own Registrar of Companies(ROC) to register LLP.
Q. What is minimum capital required for limited liability partnership? 
A. There is no bar on minimum capital requirement on LLP. The same can be mutually decided by partners in their LLP agreement in their own decided ratio. 
Q. What are the annual and periodic compliances for Limited Liability Partnership in India?
A. There are following compliances that LLP has to comply with:
1. Every LLP has to file an annual return in form 11 within 60 days of closing of every financial year to ROC.
2.  LLP, whose turnover exceed, in any financial year, forty lakh rupees, or whose contribution exceed twenty five lakh rupees, is required to get its accounts audited.

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