Conundrum Of Distinctiveness - Can Protection Be Granted To N95 As A Trade Mark?
Learn what is CONUNDRUM OF DISTINCTIVENESS in trademark with case studies explain whether a mark like N95 can be registered as trademark Read

Trademark Infringement remedies - Deceptive Marketing and Legal Remedies Available Against the Same
How people copy trademarks, how they misuse famous Trademarks to produce knock off brands, what are the remedies available for the same. Read

Theory of Passing Off In Trademarks
What is passing off trademark? How false portrayal of the product or service can be considered as passing off trademark. Learn with case studies in this expert post. Read

Who can file patent for you in India?
who is patent agent, who can file patent on behalf of inventors and companies in India, are lawyers and patent agent same? Read

What is Corporate Identity Number (CIN)
What is CIN number, where to check company details in India, how to check company is registered or not? Read

What is Trademark passing off?
What is Trademark passing off? What are remedies and legal defences for Trademark passing off. How to file case for Trademark passing off Read

Brief about Copyright and Copyright Infringement
What is copyright and copyright infringement, how to protect copyrighted materials and action can be taken against copyright infringement. Read

Patent Renewal in India
Patent are valid for 20 years in India provided patent is renewed timely, patent are to be renewed in India every year with payment of govt fees. Read

How and who can file Trademark Infringement case ?
what is Trademark infringement who can file for Trademark infringement in India what are the grounds for filing TM infringement how to stop others from copying Trademark. Read

What are grounds of trademark infringement in India?
What is Trademark infringement, who can file for infringement , what are the grounds for Trademark infringement in India, Trademark infringement examples. Read

Who can be honest concurrent user in trademarks
What is an honest concurrent user in trademark, documents required, case studies and when you cannot use the honest concurrent user. Read

Patent assignment deed for dummies
Learn about patent assignment deed what must be included, rights and duties, types and advantages of patent assignment deed. Read

Requirements Of Trademark User Affidavit during trademark registration
Learn what is the requirement of adding a trademark user affidavit during trademark registration process in this expert post. Read

What is the Criteria For Well Known Trademark
Well known trademark is like an exclusive club to become one there is certain criteria to be met. Learn more about the rules, criteria and documentsrequires to start the process.    Read

FSSAI license requirements, rules and benefits
Introduction to FSSAI license why it is required, rules for listing and benefits of getting FSSAI license. Learn more in this expert post. Read

Government relaxes strict compliances to promote business in BPO, KPO and outsourcing sectors
In Nov 2020 Narendra Modi govt relaxed compliances to promote ease of doing business in BPO, KPO and outsourcing sectors sector. Learn how this impact IT sector in India and first step towards 5 Trillion Economy. Read

Forms required for Patent Filing in India
Patent registration process requires lot of forms to be filling during different stages at the time of filing, within 3,6 months of date of application, after patent is licensed. Learn when to file what in this expert post. Read

How to sell Copyright in India
Copyright owner can assign his/her current work to a third party in return of onetime payment or royalty. Learn how to sell copyright, legar requirements and documents required for the same. Read

What is a honest concurrent user of a trademark
Learn what is honest concurrent user of a trademark, documents to prove honest concurrent use, landmark cases in this expert post. Read

Minimum Requirements for any subject  matter to get copyright registration successfully
Learn what is the Subject Matter of Copyright, qualification of substance and material, Test of originality and other technical terms to secure copyright successfully.   Read

What is Color Trademark? How color becomes the brand itself
A color trademark is different from other trademarks. In the case of color trademark, the color of the product becomes the brand. Learn more in this expert post. Read

Step by step guide of Design Patent registration in India
Registration of design as a patent is an easy process in India. The language for the application can either be Hindi or English. Learn more with this step by step guide to get Design Patent registration in India. Read

Patent Hearing in India during COVID Pandemic
Due to covid 19 pandemic every patent applicant or authorised patent agents can now easily schedule for online patent hearings. All you need is to email a request for hearing with details of patent applications. Learn more in this expert post. Read

Trademark Hearing changes during Corona times
Trademark hearing process has been changed slightly during Covid pandemic times. Learn how it impacts your dates, fees, process and get your trademark registered in time. Read

Patent Infringement – Types, Infringement Search, How to prove and Defence to infringement
Learn what is Patent infringement, types of infringements, Infringement search, How to prove and Defence in infringement. Read

What is trademark assignment without goodwill?
A registered trade mark can be assigned weather with or without the goodwill of the business. Learn More in this expert post about Trademakr assignment without goodwill. Read

What is trademark assignment deed?
A trademark assignment is a written document which help to transfer a recognized word,phrase,symbol or a design from the original owner to the another owner. Learn more in this detailed post. Read

Comparison between agreement for sale and sale deed
An agreement for sale is an agreement to sell a property in future whereas a Sale deed is a legal document of actual transfer of property ownership. Learn in debpth in this expert post. Read

FSSAI License A complete reference
FSSAI is the legal authority which offers the food license or the food permits to the food business operators or the company’s selling food products in India. Read

What is Trademark Transfer ?
A registered trademark is transmissible learn about different types of trademark assignment complete or partial in this expert post. Read

Criteria For Well Known Trademark
Well-known trademark is one which is one unique face in public and any company or organization connected to it will be known by the general public. Read

Knowing about FSSAI License
The prime criteria for running a food business in India is to get a license from the FSSAI. Read the post to get full information about FSSAI license. Read

Common Defences in Copyright Infringement Cases
Learn about section-52 various acts on copyright infringement. Fair dealing, personal private use, criticism review, storing of work and lot more in this expert post. Read

Deep dive into Trademark Infringement in India
Trademark Infringement in easy terms means someone copying your trademark. Learn in this expert post types of infringements, ground to file case, remedies available along with case studies. Read

Patent Assignment Deed A Complete Reference
Patent Assignment is used when a patent owner transfers his patent rights to another entity. Learn in this expert post how process, adavandates, termination and amendments related to Patent assignment Read

Non-Disclosure Agreements are Confidentiality Agreements, Proprietary Information Agreement or Secrecy Agreements under Indian Contract Law. Learn in this expert post all about NDA. Read

Legal Grounds that can save you from Trademark Objection SECTION 9(1) (a) AND 9(1) (b)
Trademark objection can be resolved on the groundsmentioned in Section 9. Learn in this expert post how you can make use of them gettrademark registered. Read

Divisional application in Patents
Divisional Patent Applications, as the name suggests, are those patent applications that have been divided from a different patent application. Learn more in this expert post how you can make use of Divisional Patent application. Read

Infringement in Patents
Patent Infringement means intrusion or encroachment upon the patent rights of patent holder. Burden of proof, remedies, procedure and lot more learn in this expert post how to secure your rights. Read

Priority Date in Patent Applications
Priority date is very important to claims of a patent application because knowledge or information available in the public domain before the priority date is taken into consideration. Read

Law relating to Geographical Indications
What are Geographical Indications and Law which governs it in India. Learn in this expert post all about GI, its ownership, conditions, procedure to acquire and more. Read

All about Digital Signatures in India and 2020 updates
Digital signature is the electronic equivalent to the handwritten signatureor stamps and seals. Learn more on how to use this mandatory and advance technologyand what are the 2020 updates. Read

Renewal of Patents in India
How to get your patent renewed in India procedure, fee schedule and other key steps during the process in this expert post. Its really important to make sure to make use of vital dates so that you don’t lose your registered patent. Read

Company Law Fresh Start Scheme- 2020
Know all about Companies Fresh Start Scheme,2020 Who can submit the application, features, process and immunity under this policy. Learn how to take advantage of CFSS 2020 and make a fresh start. Read

Limited Liability Partnership Settlement Scheme 2020
LLP Settlement scheme 2020 is introduced by the government of India as a one-time condonation of delay. Learn key features of scheme, applicability, immunity from persecution, fees and other details in this expert post. Read

Extension of Limitation Period for all Legal Proceedings Acknowledging the Lockdown on the Account of COVID19
Due to unstable situation caused by Covid19 pandemic Apex Court of India on 23rd March extended the limitation period by an order. Learn in detail in this expert post about this order. Read

Differences between Trademark Infringement and Passing Off
Learn the difference in two key terms in journey of Trademark Passing off and Trademark Infringement. What are the legal remedies available when someone uses your trademark illegally or tries to infringe it in this expert post. Read

Company Affirmation of Readiness towards COVID-19 as per MCA
Ministry of Corporate Affairs very precise and simple web form named Company Affirmation of Readiness towards COVID-19 in order to check their readiness to contribute to the elimination of COVID-19 threat. Learn in this detailed expert post Read

Rules relating to Auditing of Private Limited Company
Learn about rules and types of Auditing Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, Company Audit. Function and appointment of auditors and more for Private Limited Company. Read

What is the Dishonour of Cheque?
With growing banking scams every day learn what steps are to be followed once cheque is bounced basically the provisions relating to the dishonour of cheques and legal remedies available to person facing the same. Read

Concept of prior user in Trademark
A prior user of a Brand name may sue a registered Trademark user. There are ways to safeguard yourself from trap. Read

What is SPICe Plus Form ? New form for Company Registration
Learn what is SPICe PLUS form from MCA and how to use it for company registration. This is required for Private Limited Company, One Person Company, Public Limited, section 8 and more. Read

What is Commencement of Business
Commencement of business is official term with reference to Companies Act. There are specific procedures, requirements and forms to be compiled for this. Learn in this expert post about this topic. Read

How to transfer a trademark in India
Trademarks like any asset can be transferred by one titleholder to another. This Assignment of Trademark has certain requirement, procedure and fees for assignment that has to be followed. Learn in this expert post how to execute it easily. Read

Why Trademark Litigation is also a Business Strategy?
Trademark litigation is a vital strategy to crush knockoffs and competetion taking advantage of your brand. Proper strategy of Trademark search and trademark registration could help a company win over rivals in easy and swift manner. Read

What is a Section 8 Company? Complete Reference
Meaning, Requirement and Process to create Section 8 Company in India. Does section 8 company satisfies all your needs or are you even eligible learn in this expert article. Read

Difference between Trademark objected and Trademark status Formality check fail
Trademark objected and Formality check fail are totally different issues learn in this expert post how to avoid them to get your trademark registered quickly and securely. Read

Winding Up of Private Limited Company Incorporated in India
Learn how to close a private limited company in India its procedure, sale of company process, winding up of defunct or dormant company and various provisions available under law in this expert post. Read

What is the Difference between the Symbol ™ and ® and when can both be used?
When can you use TM symbol and R symbol with your trademark. Difference between the two symbols and use during the trademark registration journey. Read

How to check Design Patent application status
Step by step tutorial to check your design patent application status online yourself. A design patent is a form of legal protection for your manufactured item learn how to track your application yourself. Read

In 3 step process learn how to check copyright status on your own. Copyright is a right given by the law to creators of any original work not just the idea. Read

How To Check A Company Is Registered In India?
Step by step article how to check if a company is registered in India. To know about directors, authorized signatories and other details about a company. Read

Why one must file Trademark Opposition in India?
One must keep a regular check about all similar marks that are accepted in order to take action against them this is called Trademark Opposition. Learn more in this expert post. Read

How to do trademark search?
Trademark search is a process to pre check whether a trademark name is available or not. An expert trademark attorney helps you in doing this through research. Read

What is a Design Patent?
A design patent is a legal protection granted for visual aesthetics and appeal of a manufactured item which is unique in appearance which may or may not have practical utility Read

What is Trademark Journal?
Trademark Journal is a weekly update about the Trademarks that are accepted and advertised by the Trademark registry available publicly by Trademark registry. Read

What is Trademark Adjournment ?
Trademark Adjournments means the trademark hearing is not conclusively dealt and the date for next Trademark hearing is scheduled. Read

How long does it take for Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Company registration
Learn in this expert post how much time it takes for various intellectual property rights and company registrations takes in India. Understand various factors that could impact your registration timelines. In this post we will cover Trademark registraion, Patent registration, Copyright registration, design registration and company registration timelines for India. Read

What is TM-M when cited in Trademark Examination Process ?
Learn what is TM-M when cited in Trademark Examination Process and What all can be changed or not changed by using TM-M. Expert post to help you safegaurd your trademark and brand. Read

What is Condonation of Delay ?
Condonation of delay, which itself explains that the delay has been accepted due to some justified reasons, further the Condonation of delay will be exercised only before the judiciary. Also the discretion of the judiciary plays a vital role in condone the delay or to not, which clears that the condone is not a right of claim rather it is strictly on the discretion of t... Read

How to check trademark status in India
Trademark status indicates the status/stage of the trademark application. Learn how to check your tm status also about various trademark status like marked for exam, Accepted and advertised, objected, revision, Protection granted, abandoned and many more. Read

Trademark opposition in India a complete reference
Trademark Opposition is the key-tool available to the one who may gets aggrieved by the registration of the trademark applied by the other person. The person who is having any reason may/can oppose the registration of a trademark. Any person or company who is having the trademark can oppose the registration of the trademark which is quite similar or identical to their m... Read

Remove a registered Trademark with Trademark Rectification
Its not impossible that wrong trademarks cannot be granted rights or get registered, sometimes it do happens that same trademarks gets registered even when there exists similar or same mark own record and opposition period has already expired. In order to safeguard your mark in such situation the bonafide party has right to question the registered mark, this is known as... Read

Trademark Examination Report : What does Sec.9 (1)(a), Sec.9(1)(b) and Sec.11 means?
Sec. 9 and sec.11 plays an important role while adopting a new trademark or applying for a trademark registration. The provisions set the guidelines for how a trademark shouldn’t be chosen and the same protects the genuine trademarks from getting infringed. So, while adopting a trademark we may consider these sections for better chances of approval and while applying fo... Read

Trademark hearing - Types of hearings and Valid Evidences
In recent days due to the technological development, all IPR processes including trademark filing is carried out in online portals like search, filings, , registration and certification are available on online Government portals- however the hearing part still may be attended ‘in person’ rule, due to various reasons. Read

How to SELL Trademark in India
In case you have a brand which already have some value, which owner or companies do want to sale in near future because of variety of reasons they can do so. The owners may sale their brands or trademarks to any other person or legal entity by the means of trademark assignment, which means assigning of the right over the trademark to any other person.In case you have a ... Read

Trademark name - coined words or words with no meaning used for Trademark Registration
Creating or selecting a trademark is no easy task. But before applying for the registration of the trademark one must always go for coined or invented marks without any real meaning for example KODAK, EXXON etc. Coined words have the advantage of being easy to protect as they are more likely to be considered distinct. On the negative side, however, they may be more diff... Read

Intellectual property rights (IPR) and its types
The concept of intellectual property has been derived from the Labor theory of property.In India, the Intellectual properties are majorly divided into 5 types. Such as patent, copyright, design, trademark, and GI. Learn more in this expert post. Read

How to dowload Trademark Registration Certificate
Once your trademark is accepted and Advertised in Trademark Journal you have generated a trademark Registration certificate online. Using following steps you can easily download your Registered Trademark Certificate. Read

Big Announcement by Finance Minister September 2019 Corporate Tax slashed and a lot more
Corporate tax rate slashed, MAT reduced, tax holidays can avail concessional rates, Enhanced surcharge will not apply to capital gains, CSR to be 2 percent and a lot more. Read

Save money on Trademark Filing in India
Filing a trademark in India can be done by anyone either an Individual/Sole proprietor or the Legal Entity itself. Legal Entity can be divided into following Categories Partnership firms, Corporation, Private limited company, Limited liability Company etc. Read

Is Logo protected under Trademark or Copyright
Trademarks and logos are huge assets for any business and there are always people in the market who are ready to steal or copy your intellectual property. Companies such as Apple, Samsung and many more spend incredible resources and huge amount of protecting their logos and brand name. The only way to achieve protection is registering your intellectual property through ... Read

Design Opposition and its Procedure in India
Design opposition is different from trademark opposition, as Trademark can be opposed by any person after its publication in Journal but before registration, however there is no such concept of opposition in design, it is straight forward cancellation application. In design cancellation one must remember that design can only be cancelled after it is registered basically... Read

All about Trademark Opposition – Procedure, Stages and More
What is Trademark opposition - When the applied trademark is advertised in Trade Marks Journal, then within a period of 4 months the accepted and advertised trade mark can be opposed by a third party. A third party generally files an opposition when there is a similar trademark published in the Journal or if the trade mark is alleged to be a non-distinctive trade mark. Read

Budget 2019 India Key Announcements
Key highlights for Union Budget 2019 India, understand from these key points where you can save and where you would have to spend more. Why Stock market is the reacting this way - what are the takeaways. Read

How to Draft a Legal Notice
Legal notice is the first and most important step to pursue the legal action, hence each of the line in notice shall be carefully drafted to avoid any inconvenience later on. Learn dos and don’t while forming your legal notice to get your message across at the same time safeguard your rights provided by law. Read

Company360 joins InstaOffice as Exclusive Partner
Company360 is glad to be a chosen partner with InstaOffice. InstaOffice is the fastest growing network of office solutions in India for start-ups and entrepreneurs alike. This partnership will help the Company360 member clients a one stop solution for office spaces and virtual offices which is often required by start-ups, entrepreneurs, MNC’s and sometimes even foreign ... Read

Can Trademark Registration protect my Domain name
In today’s fast internet growing world, protection of Domain Names cannot be ignored. Domain names serves the same purpose for online business which Trademark performs for offline business. Domain names enjoys the protection in India similarly as the protection enjoyed by the trademarks. The only requirement is that domain name fulfils all pre-requisites mentioned under... Read

What is Specific Performance in a contract
During the breach of contract cases there is a remedy which goes by the name “equitable remedy” that gives the court power to direct the defendant to do his part of the contract. One such equitable remedy is Specific performance. Learn more about Sepcific performance in this expert post. Read

Active INC 22A form deadline extended to 15th June 2019
MCA has issued new compliance in order to ascertain official address of the Companies, in order to eliminate dummy companies. For the purpose of the same , a new for namely e-form INC 22A which is also known as e-Form ACTIVE (Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification). Last take for Active form INC 22A is extended to 12th June 2019 Read

Partnership Deed Complete Reference
Partnership Deed is a written agreement between the parties to achieve common goals in respect of business and explains vital points which minimize the clashes and disagreements between the parties participating in a venture. A document which defines rights and obligation of each party to a business operation for conducting smooth business and which has the force of law... Read

Trademark refusal notice in India - what can be done ?
We often see status about trademarks being refused, this means now your application is processed and has completed all stages of prosecution and is refused. But is there anything we can do about it, let us understand what can be done. Read

Copyright Basics - A Crash Course
Being a creator is tough, as you never know when you get a perfect story plot, song or music, in this digital age content creation is money in itself and requires lot of time and effort to put a really creative content out online and we all are aware how good content is always susceptible to free riders, content theft etc. So how to safe guard such things. Read

MSME Form 1 Mandatory for Private Limited and Public Limited companies
According to the latest notification issued by the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) it has mandated to file disclosures in Form MSME I for every type of the Company [Whether Public or Private Company]. Read

Trademark Hearing Essentials
Learn about things required to do in case you have receive Trademark hearing notice. Trademark hearing preparation depends upon the Trademark objection raised previously on your mark. Read

Trademark Hearing difference between Ready for Show Cause Hearing and Under Hearing
Once we apply for Trademark registration, the trademark application goes through series of steps such as Trademark Objection and later on hearing. Receiving notices for hearing are not uncommon and also not that scary, so let us understand how to deal with trademark hearing and how exactly know that is there a hearing date issued or not. Read

Trademark Objection Formality Check Fail
There are many types of objections that are substantive during examination of Trademark Application. One of the prominent one which can be easily avoided is Formality check fail - learn in this expert post how you can escape it in time. Read

MSME Form 1 Mandatory for Private and Public limited companies 2019 MCA Notification
According to the latest notification issued by the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) it has mandated to file disclosures in Form MSME I for every type of the Company [Whether Public or Private Company]. Last date for this disclosure is 22nd Feb 2019. Learn more in this expert post. Read

All about FSSAI Licence registration in India
If you want to start any type of food business like restaurants, hotels, manufacturing of food item, import or Export of food articles, Trading, Retailing, Cold storage, E-commerce, transport etc basically anything related to food business requires this FSSAI licence. Read

Import Export Code Registration (IEC) in India (in 24hrs only) | Video
Learn How to get Import Export Code Registration in India the fastest and easiest way to begin your business journey. IMPORT EXPORT CODE is basically a registration required to be obtained by any person or legal entity looking forward to buy, sell, export, import the goods and services outside India. Read

Types of trademarks you need for your brand
Confused about filing a logo, coloured logo, black and white mark – what should be part of trademark registration. Learn in this expert post how to get the perfect trademark registered. In this post we will discuss how to choose right strategy for your brand and refer some popular trademark like McDonalds, Nike etc with some milestone caselaws like Tiffany & Co, Life Sa... Read

Design Patent Procedure AKA Design Registration Process
Patent is an exclusive rights given for the patentee in order exploit the invention. Designs can also be patented and you can have the right over your creation. Design can be a combination of shapes, pattern, ornament, configuration etc. The ultimate benefits out of patenting the design is for the monopoly over such design thorough that can get competitive advantage ove... Read

All about Patent Provisional and Complete Specification
Patent provisional specification is a choice which allows an inventor to secure his right well before he finalizes the reasearch for his patent while complete specification is a must once you are confident about all the aspects of your invention. Learn in details what is difference and how you can use Provisional and Complete specification to your advantage. Read

Patent Registration Process in India
In India every process starts with an application, similarly Patent registration starts by filing an application either in patent office or through online portals. Learn in this expert post about Patent registration process, its benefits and how to get your invention patented in India. Read

Share Capital - A Complete Reference
Share capital consists of funds raised by issuing shares in return for cash or other considerations. Know more about share capital in this complete reference expert post. Read

ISO registration a quick guide
A quick guide to understand sequence of various steps for a registration of ISO, the prior to the registration process the company need to choose the standards which they want, like there are various standards for products, process, etc. Know in detail about these steps and easily get the ISO certification. Read

Shop and Establishment Act Complete Reference
Shop and Establishment Act is required for any shop, trade, business including charitable trust, educational institutions, societies, banks etc which are working for gain or profit. This registration is required for all the above mentioned business entitied. Learn indepth about this topic in this article. Read

Benefits of Copyright Registration
There are numerous benefits of getting your copyright registered properly from an expert. The amount of remedies Copyright Act provides are plenty provided you have registered your copyright from an expert attorney who understands the legality of this act. Learn in this expert post about benefit and remedies of getting a copyright. Read

Trademark Objections in India
Trademark objection can be of various types which should not be taken lightly. This could stall your trademark registration all together. With the help of expert and proper reply you can easily clear your Trademark Examination. Learn in this expert post about Trademark Objection types in India and how to resolve them. Read

CE Marking and CE certification – What is it, Why you need it and Who can apply.
Learn about CE Marking and CE certification which can help you expand your business in European continent. Learn why you need this marking and how you can get certified. Read

Complete reference on International filing with PCT application
Find the answers to questions like What is PCT Application, procedure of PCT application filing, what is PCT treaty, countries part of PCT, WIPO and PCT application. A complete reference on PCT(Patent Cooperation Treaty) application. Read

ISO Certification in India - Process, Benefits and Documents required
ISO certifications is created to help organizations maintain standards to meet needs of customer for various fields. Learn about process, benefits and documents required for ISO certification. Get you ISO certification with no hassle easy, reliable and at most affordable price in India. Read

All about GST registration - Goods and Services Tax in India
Learn about GST (Goods and Services Tax) why you require it, what are the benefits, taxes under reverse charge, Implications if you dont register. A complete reference on GST registration in India. For people making inter-state supplies, Non resident taxable people, electronic commerce taxes etc. Read

Madrid Protocol learn how to file for Trademark outside India
The Madrid system helps in protecting a mark in various countries by obtaining an international trademark registration. It helps in registering a trademark in a cost-effective way for the holders, for example the individuals and businesses to ensure the protection for their marks in different countries through the filing of one application in a single office and in one ... Read

All about Copyright Registration in India
The copyright is a legal right that provides you protection for the ownership over the things you create. Let it be either a painting, a photograph or a novel, if you have created anything then you will be the owner of it and the copyright law itself protects your ownership rights. Read

All about Contract Drafting - Benefits, Common Contracts and Essentials of a Valid Contract
The drafting of a contract can be defined as writing all the terms and details of the contract and agreement, so that people entering into the contract can fully understand the terms of the agreement. A contract can be drafted by anyone there is no obligation for drafting the contract, although for a secure and reliable contract it should be drafted by a lawyer. Read

Company registration for free in India in just 1 day – Its Possible
Free company registration within one day is possible in India with latest change applicable from 26th Jan 2018. Only pay professional fees and get your company registered with name approval, DIN, MOA, AOA, PAN and TAN. Read

Trademark Search the key step in Trademark Registration | Case Study BOOKMYSHOW Vs BOOKMYSPORT
Trademark Search something many companies don’t consider seriously is the most critical part while registering a trademark. Expert attorney analyze, research and only then proceed with Trademark. Case study discussed BookMyShow trademark, Delhi HC invalids BookMy Show claim. Read

Udyog Aadhar Registration - Everything you need to know about this scheme for MSME
Know about Udyog Aadhar Registration process, benefits and how your company can enroll in this scheme. Learn about Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) their differences and do you qualify to be one and join the Udyog Aadhar revolution. Read

How patent registration revolutionizes a business
Patent registration is a intellectual property worth the business itself. Learn in this expert post how right Patent registration strategy revolutionizes a market and makes millions for inventors and businesses. Case study discussed Eiffel tower, Lori Greiner from shark tank, Lego toy company and many more. Read

Skechers Vs Flipkart – don’t let copycats take away your market share
Learn how you can safeguard your products against counterfeit and copycat stuff with the help of intellectual property tools like Trademark and Copyright. An expert attorney can secure your rights and your brand from bogus competition and make you some extra profit as a byproduct. Case study featuring Skechers Vs Flipkart counterfeit selling. Read

Complete Reference on Design Patent
A design patent is a patent granted over the design of a functional item, whereas a design patent protects only the ornamental manifestation of an invention, not its utilitarian features. A utility patent would protect the way an article is used It is not easy to distinguish the difference between a design patent and other types of property. In simple way it is understo... Read

10 Types of trademark protection in USA
Yes you can protect different types of trademarks in United States and have broader scope of protection in comparison to other countries. 10 types of trademark protection include word mark, design mark, color mark, touch mark, motion mark etc Read

Benefits of International Trademark Registration
Learn about benefits International Trademark registration in USA (United States of America) gives to Indian companies and individuals with this article. Discover about greater protection, prevent others from using your trademark, better remedies for Trademark owners etc. Read

Online Learning is the future of education in Digital Economy
With economies becoming more and more skill oriented, online skill development has become goto place to develop skills for new Digital Economy. Learn how it can help you grow in todays market. Read

Private Limited Company Registration Process in India
Learn about the complete process of registering a Private Limited Company in India. is a team of expert Lawyers, CS/CA and IIT alums to take care of setting up your company and taking care of all you Intellectual Property needs like Trademark, Patents, Copyright, Design etc. Read

Trademark Registration New Rules 2017
Learn about changes in Trademark Registration according to new rules issued in 2017. is a team of expert Lawyers, CS/CA and IIT alums to take care of setting up your company and taking care of all you Intellectual Property needs like Trademark, Patents, Copyright, Design etc. Read

Copyright Registration in India Documents and Information
Learn about Copyright Registration Process in India. What all documents are required and to get copyright in this Video tutorial by expert Lawyer. Read

What is a Provisional Patent Application
Learn about Provisional Patent Application and how it can help you save your invention. is a team of expert Lawyers, CS/CA and IIT alums to take care of setting up your company and taking care of all you Intellectual Property needs like Trademark, Patents, Copyright, Design etc. Read

10 things to do after company registration
Now that your Startup is registered whats next? 10 important things to be done post company registrations. Read

All about Professional Tax Registration in India
Once you are complete with your company registration, you are required to keep in account the mandatory compliance and various Tax registrations, one such registration is Professional tax registration. Read

Food license in India - FSSAI registration
Are you selling or marketing food-related products, get your FSSAI Registration online, hassle-free and cost-effective process. Get your Food license registration online with company360. Read

Now your Trademark Can also be a Well-known Trademark
Often we see that people are much focused on their Trademark protection and more and more people are coming forward to safeguard their brand name through Trademark registration in India. Read

Difference between Trademark Objection and Trademark Opposition in India
Trademark examination process and Trademark opposition are to separate proceedings, often people confuse between trademark objection and trademark opposition. Today we will try to explain the fundamental difference between trademark objection and trademark opposition. Read

What is Provisional Patent Application and why is it important
Learn what is provisional patent application? What are its benefits and how a provisional specification is different from complete specifications? Read

File Trademark Application Online in India
After the notification of Trademark rules 2017, there has been observed few major changes in Trademark Application, which are pertinent to mention. Let us go through what are the changes that are now accorded in new Trademark Application. Read

Key Amendments In Trademark Rules and Process 2017
The recent Trademark Rules as Amended in 2017, has come out as shock to IP practitioners. There has been observed a considerable increase in fee structure along with complete revamp of the Trademark registration process. Let us try to go through all the major changes that have been made. Read

New Trademark Forms and Fees 2017
Learn about 2017 changes in Trademark Registration Forms and fees. This is a Major Development in Trademark registration in India. New Forms introduction TM-A, TM-M, TM-C, TM-O and many more. Read

What is Copyright ?
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Private Limited Company Registration - List of required-documents
This video tutorial comprehensively tells you about the list of documents required for Pvt Ltd registration in India, what documents are mandatory for Pvt Ltd Registration and what documents you may replace with other documents for registration. Read

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration - List of required documents
This video tutorial comprehensively tells you about the list of documents required for LLP registration in India, what documents are mandatory for LLP Registration and what documents you may replace with other documents for registration. Read

What is Private Limited Company ?
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Trademark Objection | TM objection India
A quick Video lecture explaining what is Trademark Objection ? How to check Trademark Objection ? How to download Trademark Examination Report ? Read

Trademark Registration in India video tutorial
In this video learn how to file Trademark application in India. This video provides you information from Legal Expert to get your Trademark Registered in India. Read

Trademark classes and Classification of goods and services - A comprehensive Guide to Nice classification
A comprehensive guide over the nice classification, Trademark class and category, how to search trademark goods, service or class, Difference between Trademark class heading and Nice classification. Read

Trademark Registration - what is Trademark Hearing ?
Trademark hearing is generally the last step of trademark registration process in India, A good attorney may get your trademark through this process and get your trademark registered - Hire lawyer at Company360, for better, quick and reliable Trademark hearing. Read

Trademark application How to write description of goods and services properly
Learn how to avoid TM Objection by properly describing goods and services in your Trademark Application for speedy Trademark registration. Read

Trademark Registration – Learn how to Apply for Trademark in India
Tradeamrk Registration process - how to file Trademark application error free, fill TM-1 form, Categories of TM Application and common reasons for TM Objection. Read

Trademark Objection - How to avoid TM objection
While applying for Trademark Registration, conduct a proper search on about your mark, analyze the Trademark search report properly, in case many similar sounding marks, or marks having same prefix or suffix like your intended mark, Try to avoid such mark in case so simply do not want any Trademark Objection over your proposed name. Read

Company Registration in India Recent Changes
In recent update the Ministry of corporate affairs has notified about this new form with a very unique facility. That in just this single form now people will be able to apply for PAN and TAN also. As we all know there are list of things which one has to do even after incorporating the company, that is the bank account opening and thus starting the business in real sense. Read

Trademark Objection - Draft carefully to save your Trademark Registeration
In many recent cases, we have seen how your trademark prosecution history plays a key role and in future god forbid your trademark registration lands up in legal soup. Whatever you write or your attorney writes on your behalf while responding to Trademark objection is vital for your Trademark. Now you might be thinking how is this possible, your attorney filed a reply a... Read

Trademark Registration is not everything do you own your domain
Domain is separate then your Trademark registration and company registration. Online identity though represent your company is an independent asset and can have dangerous implication for your brand. Even if your brand name is available always understand that trademark registration in India do not allow monopoly over common names, generic names and names that are common ... Read

Copyright Assignment in India
Like any other intellectual properties such as patent, trademark etc even copyright work can also be transferred from the owner to another person. Learn how to safely execute copyright assignment to avoid future hassles. So in short when you had patience to create a work having a market, also take a moment to go through the copyright assignment or any other agreement ma... Read

What all we need to do while drafting an LLP Agreement
We all know that apart from private limited company registration , LLP registration in India is second most popular legal entity that people opt for their business registration. Before, proceeding to construction and requirements of general clause in an agreement, let us first understand how we should mold an agreement in accordance to situation of the parties to agreem... Read

Trademark licensing in India
Trademark licensing and Trademark Assignment are two different and very confusing concepts but both perform one main objective that is enabling the proprietor of a registered trademark to authorize a third party. But there exist very subtle but crucial differences between the two. So it becomes important to understand in which situation we shall opt for Trademark licens... Read

Trademark Opposition Process Flowchart
Learn Trademark opposition process with a simple flowchart - What is TM opposition ? How to file TM-5 or Trademark opposition. Read

Trademark opposition by
Understand who may oppose an accepted trademark, what is the timeline to oppose a trademark and moreover what are the grounds on which an accepted and advertised trademark may be opposed. Under Section 11 of the Trademarks Act , a person may object over the advertised mark in case it is in conflict with a wellknown mark or is in contravention to copyright law or may giv... Read

Trademark Registration process in India and Its Timeline
The process of process of Trademark Registration is a step by step procedure to get your TM registered. For some it becomes an unsolvable maze but with experts on your side things are piece of cake. Lets take you through 6 steps to get your trademark registered. Read

How to choose appropriate class for trademark registration in India
Often we read about how to file trademark application and how to respond to trademark objection etc. but we conveniently miss the due diligence and proper decision making that shall be done before deciding to file a trademark application. In this article we will try to understand how to decide the number of TM applications required and how to select the most relevant tr... Read

Importance of MoA and AoA in Company Registration
Memorandum of Association and Article of Association are like Constitution and Preamble of a private limited company. If you are setting up startup entrepreneur these are key documents during the registration of your company and throughout the existence of your company. We all are familiar with the process of incorporation of company in India, all company registrations ... Read

Can someone steal your Registered Trademark
Getting a Trademark registered is just the beginning but maintaining your brand name is essential. Even a registered mark is likely to lose its protection in case it is not maintained properly. Suppose your brand is now famous but you failed to control its unauthorised usage over the period or time you may lose the right to exercise your monopoly and your brand name may... Read

Foreign Filing Licence - Patents
So Have an Invention But it’s not Patentable in India - Foreign Filing is your solution. Expert post on how to get your patent filed outside India. According to Indian Patent Act inventions related to softwares are not patentable, Sec 3(K) of the Indian patent act expressly states that software programmes per se are not patentable and this section is generally cited in ... Read

Well Known Trademark Complete Reference
Well known trademarks are the trademarks or the brand name which have gained an enviable reputation among the masses and these brands are so huge that irrespective of their functioning or association with a particular product or class, people tend to associate a reference towards them with any product that use their name. Read

Smitten by Modi govt. Demonetization | Ban on 500 & 1000 notes Remedies
In midst of this new policy many Indian citizens are stuck. In this post we are trying to understand rules of this policy and how to bring back our income into our bank accounts without hassles which are seen on social network and tv. We are really proud of Modi Government bold step to take War on Black money head on. This step will be indeed a game changer for India. Read

Watch your trademark | Essentials for Brand Building
In order to make your brand strong, it requires a good investment and efforts to watch on what going on around your trade name in the market, technically this is known as Trademark watch. Mostly, people file for a trademark and feel that they have secured it, ideally this the case even. But now with the boom in online marketing, generally people avoid getting their trad... Read

Import Export Code IEC - How to expand your company or business across nations
So you started your business and established your company, now what’s next level of expansion. Import export code registration enables you to expand outside your locality your country. Learn from this export post on IEC. There is no such annual filings is required , once you have this code there is no further requirement I required to be fulfilled to keep it valid. Unli... Read

How to open a BPO or a Call center in India
A call center is a broad term and it includes variety of businesses under its umbrella such as telemarketing, medical transcription, in-bound calls or out bound process etc. The foremost thing anyone planning to start such a business is required to get his company registration done. This step is important and is critical also, before opting of any structure be it privat... Read

Section 8 Company Registration
What is a section 8 company. Are these companies established as NGOs, trusts, religious, research or social welfare purpose only. Definition of section 8 company as it is, it states that any company established ‘for promoting commerce, art, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, protection of environment or any such other object’, provi... Read

What are Associated Trademarks and its impact on Trademark Registration
Lot of people often come across an objection over association of trademarks. What exactly these associated trademarks means. Trademark Act 1999 provides the definition of associated trademark is given in section 2(1)(c) of the Trademarks Act 1999. Associated Trademarks means trademarks deemed to be or required to be, registered as associated trademarks under this Act.” ... Read

Role and Duties of an Auditor
An Auditor is a watch dog of a company not a blood hound” is one of famous phrase by justice lopes. There are certain defined duties for an auditor to perform being an auditor of a company but of course auditor also has a certain limitation. As we are well aware that auditor appointment is one of major compliance that every company has to comply within 30 days of its in... Read

Mergers and Acquisition of Companies - Importance of Intellectual property Due diligence
Mergers and acquisition are not new in corporate world and there has been a lot that is documented about what it actually means and what are the various types of mergers and acquisition that takes place. In simple words you may say that Mergers and acquisitions are both changes in control of companies that involve combining the operations of multiple entities into a sin... Read

Company Registration in India
Company registration is one of the legal procedures which give your business a separate legal entity status that have its own identity and value. Every renowned name in this business world have started with a small step of company registration. A company registration doesn’t just make you a separate entity and but also establishes a real net worth of your business. Such... Read

Trademark registration in India – It’s all about the Date. But HOW ?
According to Trademark mark Act 1999, an applicant may even file for a trademark application in India, even if he/she is not using the trademark initially but have an intention to use the trademark applied later on. It means the trademark registry allows the name or brand reservation. Read

Authorized capital V/S Paid-up capital in a company
Many entrepreneurs ask this questions what is authorized capital? How it is different from paid up capital. Let us understand in this post what exactly these terms mean. Authorized capital as the word suggests means approved capital. Authorized capital is the maximum capital that one can raise as the capital of the company by issuing shares. In other words, it is the am... Read

How to register your Product as a trademark
Key question to ask to register your product as a Trademark. Whether Primary requirement for protecting a shape of the good ? What is the test for Nature of Goods. Procedural requirements for the filing of shape marks as trademarks as listed in The Trademark Rules. As a reminder we must be clear that EVEN shape of goods, holograms etc can be protected as trademarks. B... Read

Trademark Objection - Types of TM Objections raised in Trademark Objection Report
We all are aware about trademark registration process in India. We know that once the application is filed it will be formally examined by the examiner. Once your application is marked for examination it means that your application will soon be examined and the examiner will issue its objections. Read

Things to be taken care of during Private Limited Company Incorporation
Important points to be taken care of while registering your Private Limited Company. Key points like Equity Shares Or Preference Shares, Authorized Capital and Paid Up Capital, Object Clause to be double checked. As now you are sure what legal entity suits you best and finally you opted for a private limited company, now its time to understand what one must keep in mind... Read

How to Register 100% subsidiary of a Private Limited Company in India
What is a subsidiary of a Private Limited Company in India. Defination, Procedure and requirements for a foreign subsidiary in India. Over the time we at get a lot of request for incorporation of a subsidiary company in India. Let us understand how to get it done. Starting with basic let us first understand the definition first. Read

Appointment of director in Private Limited Company
How to add a director in Private limited company. Documents required for appointment of director in a Private Limited Company. A business may start with one or two persons but when it grows you need a helping hand or say a team. Now when we talk about private limited company, it’s mandatory to register a private limited company with minimum of 2 Directors and 2 sharehol... Read

What do you mean by a Business name and Trade name
Often people are confused with their company name, trade name and brand name. These things might sound similar and sometimes people often consider them to be the same. But, hey they are NOT. As a business owner or an entrepreneur you know what it means and cost to shape up the brand and build your company. Often people are confused with their company name, trade name an... Read

Why trademark renewal is important
Trademark registration in India is valid upto 10 years from date of filing of trademark application. Generally it’s a long time and people tend to forget the due date for renewing the trademark registration. But it’s a serious mistake to commit. A request for renewal of trademark can be filed before 6 months from the date of actual expiry date. Read

Who can be a Director in Private Limited Company or who cannot ?
Can anyone become director in Private Limited Company or is there any eligibility criteria required to be a director in a private limited company. Yes, there are certain conditions required to be fulfilled as prescribed in Companies Act, 2013 that may qualify or disqualify you to be director in any company. Read

How can I copyright my book, blog, website or anything
Every author has different purpose associated with their work. Sometimes it is to gain monetary benefits from their work other times its recognition of the hard-work one has put in. We must remember that even tough you don’t legally copyright your work with registration any thing original created by an individual has copyright over it. However, with copyright registrati... Read

How to register your Company with Start up India - Registration Process.
Benefits of Startup India Scheme by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Learn how to register your company under Startup India and save tax. We at company360 get lots of queries around the process to get companies registered under the new initiative Startup India by Prime Minister Modi. Before proceeding with this scheme it is important first to understand who can be a STARTUP. Read

It’s a pretty design - Lets protect with DESIGN PATENT REGISTRATION in India
But what do to when you are an extremely creative person and came up with an idea to reshape or reconstruct an existing thing. How you will be able to mint money out of it and how will you protect it. There comes a rescue for it in shape of DESIGN PATENT. Yes you are right even when you have reconstructed an existing thing in a whole new way even when it does not have a... Read

Post incorporation compliance series - Auditing for companies
Auditing is the process of validating, substantiating and providing promissory services. It is a process of collecting, recording and valuing financial transactions complies with Accounting and Auditing standard issued by ICAI. Accounting Standard specifies what accounting practice one should follow for a particular financial transaction, how that particular transaction... Read

Common Agreements & Policies for any startup Legal Eagle to be kept in mind before you begin
What legal agreements you must have to start your business. Essential legal documents for startups and entrepreneurs. NDA, Founders Agreement, Website Terms and Condition. Read

LLP Vs Private limited company – Startup guide to help you choose
What company should I register Private Limited or LLP. What are the benefits of Private Limited Company. If you are entrepreneur which company registration is better. One of the most important decision when you are about to start your business is what type of registration you must opt for. The foremost pertinent question arises whether to go for Private Limited Company ... Read

Trademark Registration & Prosecution process - common MISTAKES to avoid
People think its no big deal to file for trademark registration, it’s just a simple application and any lawyer charging lowest professional fee may work out for you. And yes it works but usually ends you up in a useless trademark or worst a lawsuit. In this pose we will understand and deep dive how lack of proper understanding of about trademark law can cost you way too... Read

Trademark Assignment in India
Intellectual property is like any other property, can be transferred from one owner to another. Likewise, Trademarks are also transferrable. Trademarks are essentially very intricate business properties which can be transferred with or without goodwill. Now to understand how trademarks are transferred from one owner to another, it is important to understand what legal i... Read

Complete reference on DIN – Director Identification Number
Who can be a Director in a Private Limited Company. What is DIN, its importance and who can apply for it. In olden days, when there was no online portal, lot of frauds cases were filed because many companies had appointed any random person as Director of their business without knowledge of that person. That’s bizarre but such was the system existed because there was no ... Read

DVAT Registration made simple - a gift from Kejriwal government – DVAT M Seva app
Delhi Kejriwal’s government has gone a step ahead to ensure the comfort for businessmen and ensure ease of business. It is a welcoming step that Delhi government has launched Delhi VAT registration APP. The App is named as DVAT M SEWA APP. This APP is produced in line of DVATBILL Application which was has already garnered more than 500 votes. Read

Copyright Guide for Dummies
The exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the originator or author by government for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material. In simple terms Copyright is a bunch of rights entrusted for creative works such as text, artistic works, music, computer programs, sound recordings and films also term... Read

Know your partnership - LLP V/S partnership firm
Are you a proprietorship firm or partnership firm. As partnerships are very common, we will try to give you a brief picture about its structure, benefits and requirements. In India, partnership firms exists in two ways. Entrepreneurship is not a cake-walk; we have seldom heard of a one-man show to be successful. Most times a startup is a journey of a team. Mostly people... Read

How to register right trademark
Trademark is an inseparable intellectual property associated with any business. It identifies your business and differentiates you from the others, provides you a space in clustered market. Apart from understanding what a trademark is, it is important to know how to select a right trademark for your venture. Read

Export of Services Rules Under Service Tax
The Export of service Rules, 2005 were notified with effect from 15-03-2005 to determine whether a provision of service will be regarded as export of service. Like export of goods, service can also be exported without payment of duty/tax. Read

Things to do after incorporating your company
The Indian startup ecosystem is seeing new startups mushrooming every day and, along with them, online portals helping them with incorporation. While it is a great feat to get your startup incorporated, you, as founders and directors of your company, should not fail to look into the compliance required after incorporation. Read

Compliance penalty table
What to do after Company Registration. Private Limited Company, LLP, OPC compliances. Read

How To Register Your Startup complete guide ?
Anyone who aims to build a successful startup must also know where to start from. While in practice you can start operating your business the minute you have an idea and a system and a team to execute it, a company or a startup is a legal entity and it must be registered with the government and have a proper, and legally-recognizable status. A company can achieve that ... Read

Startup India Standup India Modi's Startup Policy
23 points to understand Narendra Modi new Startup Policy. Read

Startups Guide to intellectual property
What is Intellectual Property. What should you choose Trademark, Patent, Copyright or Design. How to use Intellectual property as Business strategy. Read

All about DPIN
What is DPIN ? What are the documents required for obtaining DPIN ? Whether we need to have DSC for obtaining DPIN ? How much times it takes to get the DPIN approved ? Read

Pitfalls to avoid before getting your trademark registration done
As people are now getting more and more aware about securing their brand name, the trademark filing has seen a tremendous growth in numbers. But as it is an old saying half knowledge is worse than ignorance. This saying aptly fits in today’s scenario. The young India is actively contributing to make in India feel and India has seen a tremendous number of new ventures an... Read

Patent Prior Art Search for Free
What is patent prior art ? Reduce your Patent registration costs by getting prior art search for free. Before conducting a prior art search, first read the technology/invention/product feature thoroughly. List down all the main features. List the features in accordance to their importance in the invention. Read

What is Patent analytics ?
Patent analytics is detailed study of existing patent and non-patent literature, performed in order to advise the individual, companies and research institutions etc. to make an informed decision about their technology. The use of patent analytics varies with the object of research and on the basis of the same, there exists various types of patent analytic types. Read

Checklist for all you need to do before you start your start up
With the Central government’s Make In India initiative supporting startup hubs, there is a greater push for business in the country currently. But, in order to achieve a strong foundation for your business, you not only need to have a proper plan but also appropriate guidance to get it done. Forgetting legal compliance may lead you to some unavoidable troubles in the bu... Read

How to do a Trademark search online in India
How to search Trademark in India. Guidelines for Trademark Search or TM Search. Read

Basic information about Delhi VAT registration
What is DVAT or Delhi VAT. How to get VAT registration in Delhi. Read