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Enforcement of Copyright Laws through Copyright Societies

May 14, 2022 β€’ Rugved mahamuni
Learn how Copyright Laws can be enforced through Copyright Societies. Learn with case studies and examples how societies can be used to manage and protect copyright.

Analysis of Section 63 of Copyright Act

Feb 16, 2022 β€’ Nathalia m. fenwick
The confusion surrounding section 63 about whether it’s cognizable or not is finally cleared and now it is a settled position to consider the offense as cognizable.

Trademark certified copies

Feb 10, 2022 β€’ Nathalia m. fenwick
A Trademark certified copy has evidentiary value in the court and is different from that of e- certificate and thereby a time bound issuance of it is necessary.

The concept of trade dress and its protection

Feb 1, 2022 β€’ Nathalia m. fenwick
The development of trade-dress in India, which protects the overall visual appearance of a product, is only gaining momentum through a number of case laws.

Concept of parallel importation in Indian Patent Act, 1970

Jan 12, 2022 β€’ Nathalia m. fenwick
Parallel Import avoids the necessity to get authorization from the original patentee provided that the original sale was authorized.

Are Instagram Reels Copyrightable?

Jan 8, 2022 β€’ Nathalia m. fenwick
Making short videos does not infringe the copyright protection yet it is always safe to create original works.

Trademark Opposition Procedure

Jan 2, 2022 β€’ Nathalia m. fenwick
Trademark Opposition is an opportunity given to any person to object the registration of a particular trademark. It follows certain simple steps.

Case analysis- Gucci v. Intiyaz Sheikh

Dec 15, 2021 β€’ Nathalia m. fenwick
Gucci v. intiyaz Sheikh is a recent trademark infringement case which reminds all of us to use and sell only original products to avoid unnecessary infringement and payment of damages.

Soft Bank acquires around 200 patents from Noon

Dec 10, 2021 β€’ Nathalia m. fenwick
SoftBank came to the spotlight as it acquired around 200 patents including both granted and pending ones from Loon, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. for High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPs).

Trade secret in India versus other countries

Dec 5, 2021 β€’ Nathalia m. fenwick
Trade secret improves the competitive edge of a business and thereby needs to be properly regulated. The absence of it in India makes it to take the example of other countries for effective usage and economic growth.

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