What is legal notice?

A legal notice is first foremost crucial step to communicate your intentions to proceed with the legal proceedings against the intended party.
It is a standard practice to send legal notice to party involved before initiating any kind of legal proceedings against the party be it civil or criminal.

Importance of Legal Notice

A legal notice sets your premise for future litigation and possible legal remedies and hence shall be drafted with utmost care and precision.
As once a legal notice is sent, the sender cannot deviate from the facts stated in notice, which also forms a crucial part of case later on.
A good legal notice never restrict the scope of remedies available to the aggrieved party and also establishes a strong case against the defendant.

Advantages of sending Legal Notice

1) Gives a chance to settle the matter without litigation.
2) Gives a constructive ground against the offender to proceed legally.
3) Gives a way to alternate dispute settlement, saving time and cost.

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Note: In case you are hiring Advocate for drafting the legal notice, please do not hide any fact so as to ascertain proper remedy and cause of action, sometimes we tend to think that certain things are immaterial, however that may be legally crucial to define the strategy and possible remedy.

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