Trademark Assignment In India

What is trademark assignment?

Trademark assignment is a legal way to assign your trademark rights to someone else. The assignment can be done for both registered and unregistered trademarks. Trademark assignment is affected by duly executed trademark assignment deed between the concerned parties. The party assigning or transferring its right is known as assignor and the party to which rights are transferred is known as Assignor.

Why trademark assignment is required?

Many times it happens that you desire to have a trademark but it is unavailable because it is already present on record with some other person or company. And if one starts using someone else registered trademark without their consent there can be serious legal implications associated. Such as Trademark infringement or passing of proceedings. Hence, to be on the right side of law one must have permission to use others trademark – this is where trademark assignment comes into play.

Requirements for Trademark assignment in India ?

- Trademark assignment Deed
- Parties Details
- Details of Trademark to be assigned
- Form filing
- Power of Attorney

Process of Trademark Assignment in India:

STEP 1: Parties list out various terms and condition for assignment
STEP 2: Preparation of Trademark Assignment Deed
STEP 3: Notarization of Assignment Deed
STEP 4: Recordal of Assignment Deed

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