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ISO refers to the International Organisation for standardization which is an independent and non-governmental body which sets the standards for the products, materials, services, etc. The word ISO is the derivation of a Greek word ‘isos’, means equal. From the meaning itself very clear they are about to make equality among the business, in order make everything and everywhere equal they are providing standards that need to be fulfilled by an organisation or business in order to get certification.

ISO has now 161 countries to make certification based on the standards provided by them, which indirectly clears those countries and standard are equal. ISO only formulates the standards and publish such things, it won’t involve in the certification activities, external certification body will do the process of certification, by the following the CASCO standards. In India, we have more than 30 certification bodies like Bureau of Indian Standards, and last year additionally OSS certification services (p) ltd, Equalities systemcert (p) ltd, Quest standard (p) ltd were authorized by ISO.

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There is a sequence various steps for a ISO registration of ISO, the prior to the registration process the company need to choose the standards which they want, like there are various standards for products, process, etc. like ISO 9001 2008 for quality management, ISO 22008 for food safety management etc. so need to be clear about what actually going to certified for.

Then choosing the authorised certification body. Once done with that, can go for the filing of application which requires the documents of Pan card, Passport size photograph, copy of Adhaar card/ voter id, two copies of sale/purchase bill, then the quality documents view by the auditor of the certifying body in order to compare the actual work standard with ISO’s standards in order to fill the gap if any.

If they found any gaps i.e. the actual lower than the standards, they will communicate to the company, from that the company need to make an action plan in order to eliminate such lags and then need to prove the action plan to the body, then the auditor will review it and if it satisfied will go for the few steps or repeat the process till it meets the standards. Once the auditor is satisfied with the industry will send the report to the registrar and he will issue certification based on the report. Need to renew yearly, after the satisfaction of surveillance audit. The time and cost for the registration of ISO is not fixed and not stable, it changes based on the company’s composition and circumstances.

ISO is mandated for some organisations and by registration the company gains various advantages in the market, because such certification shows the standards and which will satisfy and attracts the consumers. And also gains the competitive advantage in the business world.

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