search your copyright application in india

Copyright is a right given by the law to creators of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematograph films and sound recordings. Basically, any original work, but not the idea itself can be applied for copyright registration. Works for copyright can be obtain are as follows:

  • 1: Literary works (L)
  • 2: Musical Works
  • 3: Artistic Works (A)
  • 4: Cinematography Films
  • 5: Sound Recording (SR)
  • 6: Computer Programs (SW)

Once a Person has applied for the copyright registration a unique Diary number is issued by Copyright office with the help of which a person can check the status of its Copyright Application in case you don’t have Diary Number one can still check its Copyright application by ROC Number or Name of Applicant or Title of Work. Following are the steps to check the status of copyright application:

Steps to check copyright status

Step 1: To check the status of copyright application one must visit the site and below page will be opened.

How to do search copyright in india

Step 2: Once the page is opened select the “STATUS OF THE APPLICATION” from the left side of the page mentioned below the Heading Online Services as shown in the below image.

How to do search copyright in india

Step 3: After clicking on the status of the application a page will open in which you are required to fill the Diary Number and click on submit button (as shown above). After clicking on the submit button all the information will appear about your copyright application like name of applicant, class of work (Literary or Artistic), Title of work and the current status.

How to do search copyright in india

Step 4: In case a person doesn’t have diary number you can also check your copyright application by clicking on “SEARCH WORK” from the options provided on top of the page as shown in below image.

How to do search copyright in india

And after clicking on the search work option a page will appear which will ask you the following: Diary Number, ROC Number, Applicant and Title of work. In case you know any 1 of the page click on the option and type the information.

How to do search copyright in india

Once you fill out the information (Applicant name or title of work etc) all the information relating to that will appear along with Diary Number:

How to do search copyright in india

Note: Following status can appear and which means:

  • *Work Awaited: Work yet to be received.
  • *Waiting: Payment Accepted, Application in mandatory waiting period of one month(Copyright Act 1957).
  • *Documents not received, formality check failed: Documents/works not received only after making payment.
  • *Abandoned: Reply to Discrepancy letter issued not received/works not received after filing.
  • *Scrutiny: Application is under process.
  • *Discrepant: Application is not in complete format a letter will be sent to you by Registered Post.
  • *Re-Scrutiny: Application is under process again with Reply sent by you.
  • *Pending for Hearing: Pending for Hearing.
  • *Hearing: Hearing on Objections.
  • *Sub-Judice: Pending decision of the competent court of law.
  • *Registered: ROC is Generated will be sent to you by Registered Post.

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