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The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) runs a central authority portal containing information of all the organizations/companies registered in India.

Basically, it is a directory to access the list and other details of all the companies and limited liability partnerships (LLP).

It publishes all the information online which is publically available on MCA site

This online site of the government has made very easy for the citizens to check the registration details of any company like the Name of enterprise, type of the enterprise, date of incorporation, prices of a company, the directors of the organization, Authorised signatory details etc. Apart from the basic necessary info, the stability sheets and other documents of a corporation along with annual returns are also available on the website which can be received upon the payment of appropriate fees.

Steps to check Whether a Company is registered on the MCA Site:

Step 1: Firstly, visit MCA (Ministry of Corporate affairs) Website through given link: http://www.Mca.Gov.In/. And the Below page will be opened.

How to do search company in india

Step 2: Once the page is opened the next step is to select the ‘MCA Services’ tab. Once you choose the tab, it’s going to direct you to the opening of a drop-down and click on Check Company Name.

Remember: to check the information of the company you are not required to have a login id/ password.

How to do search company in india

Once you click on the check company name a new window will be opened.

How to do search company in india

Now you are required to write the name of the company whose status you desire to check.

Step 3: After you fill the name of the company the detail of the company will be shown in end of the page. Let’s take an example of “ONE 97 Communications India”, as soon as you fill the name information about the company will appear.

How to do search company in india

Step 4: Now, if a person desires to have more information about the company like Signatory details, Directors, Authorised Capital etc. or in a simple language want to access the Master Data of the company, can click on the Master Data written on the Left side corner of the page and once you click on the MASTER DATA icon drop down menu will be opened and click on the “VIEW COMPANY/LLP MASTER DATA”, below page will appear.

How to do search company in india

Now fill the details asked or simply copy the CIN NO. from the list provided (at time of the name check) and enter the characters shown in the image and click on the submit button.

Once the submit button is clicked a page will be opened in which all the details of the company will be provided as shown in the below image.

How to do search company in india
How to do search company in india

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