Trademark Class36

According to Nice classification heading for class 36 states Insurance; Financial affairs; Monetary affairs; Real estate affairs are include in Class 36.The heading gives you a brief broad overview about what exactly is including in a particular class.

Class 36 includes mainly services rendered in financial and monetary affairs and services rendered in relation to insurance contracts of all kinds. This Class includes, in particular: – services relating to financial or monetary affairs comprise the following: (a) services of all the banking establishments, or institutions connected with them such as exchange brokers or clearing services; (b) services of credit institutions other than banks such as co-operative credit associations, individual financial companies, lenders, etc.; (c) services of “investment trusts,” of holding companies; (d) services of brokers dealing in shares and property; (e) services connected with monetary affairs vouched for by trustees; (f) services rendered in connection with the issue of travellers’ cheques and letters of credit; – hire- or lease-purchase financing; – services of realty administrators of buildings, i.e., services of letting or valuation, or financing; – services dealing with insurance such as services rendered by agents or brokers engaged in insurance, services rendered to insured, and insurance underwriting services.

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