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What is Trademark Journal?

Dec 15, 2019 •
Trademark Journal is a weekly update about the Trademarks that are accepted and advertised by the Trademark registry available publicly by Trademark registry.

What is Trademark Adjournment ?

Dec 12, 2019 •
Trademark Adjournments means the trademark hearing is not conclusively dealt and the date for next Trademark hearing is scheduled.

How long does it take for Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Company registration

Dec 8, 2019 •
Learn in this expert post how much time it takes for various intellectual property rights and company registrations takes in India. Understand various factors that could impact your registration timelines. In this post we will cover Trademark registraion, Patent registration, Copyright registration, design registration and company registration timelines for India.

What is TM-M when cited in Trademark Examination Process ?

Dec 5, 2019 •
Learn what is TM-M when cited in Trademark Examination Process and What all can be changed or not changed by using TM-M. Expert post to help you safegaurd your trademark and brand.

What is Condonation of Delay ?

Dec 2, 2019 •
Condonation of delay, which itself explains that the delay has been accepted due to some justified reasons, further the Condonation of delay will be exercised only before the judiciary. Also the discretion of the judiciary plays a vital role in condone the delay or to not, which clears that the condone is not a right of claim rather it is strictly on the discretion of t...

How to check trademark status in India

Nov 26, 2019 •
Trademark status indicates the status/stage of the trademark application. Learn how to check your tm status also about various trademark status like marked for exam, Accepted and advertised, objected, revision, Protection granted, abandoned and many more.

Trademark opposition in India a complete reference

Nov 20, 2019 •
Trademark Opposition is the key-tool available to the one who may gets aggrieved by the registration of the trademark applied by the other person. The person who is having any reason may/can oppose the registration of a trademark. Any person or company who is having the trademark can oppose the registration of the trademark which is quite similar or identical to their m...

Remove a registered Trademark with Trademark Rectification

Nov 18, 2019 •
Its not impossible that wrong trademarks cannot be granted rights or get registered, sometimes it do happens that same trademarks gets registered even when there exists similar or same mark own record and opposition period has already expired. In order to safeguard your mark in such situation the bonafide party has right to question the registered mark, this is known as...

Trademark Examination Report : What does Sec.9 (1)(a), Sec.9(1)(b) and Sec.11 means?

Nov 15, 2019 •
Sec. 9 and sec.11 plays an important role while adopting a new trademark or applying for a trademark registration. The provisions set the guidelines for how a trademark shouldn’t be chosen and the same protects the genuine trademarks from getting infringed. So, while adopting a trademark we may consider these sections for better chances of approval and while applying fo...

Trademark hearing - Types of hearings and Valid Evidences

Nov 12, 2019 •
In recent days due to the technological development, all IPR processes including trademark filing is carried out in online portals like search, filings, , registration and certification are available on online Government portals- however the hearing part still may be attended ‘in person’ rule, due to various reasons.

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