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What is a Section 8 Company? Complete Reference

Feb 3, 2020 • Venkatesh u
Meaning, Requirement and Process to create Section 8 Company in India. Does section 8 company satisfies all your needs or are you even eligible learn in this expert article.

Difference between Trademark objected and Trademark status Formality check fail

Jan 28, 2020 •
Trademark objected and Formality check fail are totally different issues learn in this expert post how to avoid them to get your trademark registered quickly and securely.

Winding Up of Private Limited Company Incorporated in India

Jan 24, 2020 • Venkatesh u
Learn how to close a private limited company in India its procedure, sale of company process, winding up of defunct or dormant company and various provisions available under law in this expert post.

What is the Difference between the Symbol ™ and ® and when can both be used?

Jan 17, 2020 •
When can you use TM symbol and R symbol with your trademark. Difference between the two symbols and use during the trademark registration journey.

How to check Design Patent application status

Jan 14, 2020 •
Step by step tutorial to check your design patent application status online yourself. A design patent is a form of legal protection for your manufactured item learn how to track your application yourself.


Jan 11, 2020 •
In 3 step process learn how to check copyright status on your own. Copyright is a right given by the law to creators of any original work not just the idea.

How To Check A Company Is Registered In India?

Jan 9, 2020 •
Step by step article how to check if a company is registered in India. To know about directors, authorized signatories and other details about a company.

Why one must file Trademark Opposition in India?

Jan 3, 2020 •
One must keep a regular check about all similar marks that are accepted in order to take action against them this is called Trademark Opposition. Learn more in this expert post.

How to do trademark search?

Dec 31, 2019 •
Trademark search is a process to pre check whether a trademark name is available or not. An expert trademark attorney helps you in doing this through research.

What is a Design Patent?

Dec 22, 2019 •
A design patent is a legal protection granted for visual aesthetics and appeal of a manufactured item which is unique in appearance which may or may not have practical utility

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