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Legal Grounds that can save you from Trademark Objection SECTION 9(1) (a) AND 9(1) (b)

Jun 17, 2020 •
Trademark objection can be resolved on the groundsmentioned in Section 9. Learn in this expert post how you can make use of them gettrademark registered.

Divisional application in Patents

Jun 10, 2020 • Venkat u
Divisional Patent Applications, as the name suggests, are those patent applications that have been divided from a different patent application. Learn more in this expert post how you can make use of Divisional Patent application.

Infringement in Patents

May 26, 2020 • Venkat u
Patent Infringement means intrusion or encroachment upon the patent rights of patent holder. Burden of proof, remedies, procedure and lot more learn in this expert post how to secure your rights.

Priority Date in Patent Applications

May 20, 2020 • Venkat u
Priority date is very important to claims of a patent application because knowledge or information available in the public domain before the priority date is taken into consideration.

Law relating to Geographical Indications

May 13, 2020 •
What are Geographical Indications and Law which governs it in India. Learn in this expert post all about GI, its ownership, conditions, procedure to acquire and more.

All about Digital Signatures in India and 2020 updates

May 3, 2020 • Venkat u
Digital signature is the electronic equivalent to the handwritten signatureor stamps and seals. Learn more on how to use this mandatory and advance technologyand what are the 2020 updates.

Renewal of Patents in India

Apr 25, 2020 •
How to get your patent renewed in India procedure, fee schedule and other key steps during the process in this expert post. Its really important to make sure to make use of vital dates so that you don’t lose your registered patent.

Company Law Fresh Start Scheme- 2020

Apr 20, 2020 •
Know all about Companies Fresh Start Scheme,2020 Who can submit the application, features, process and immunity under this policy. Learn how to take advantage of CFSS 2020 and make a fresh start.

Limited Liability Partnership Settlement Scheme 2020

Apr 7, 2020 • Limited liability partnership settlement scheme 2020
LLP Settlement scheme 2020 is introduced by the government of India as a one-time condonation of delay. Learn key features of scheme, applicability, immunity from persecution, fees and other details in this expert post.

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