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What is trademark assignment deed?

Aug 13, 2020 • Shubham garg / school of law guru gobind singh indraprastha university
A trademark assignment is a written document which help to transfer a recognized word,phrase,symbol or a design from the original owner to the another owner. Learn more in this detailed post.

Comparison between agreement for sale and sale deed

Aug 11, 2020 • Charchita singh / icfai university
An agreement for sale is an agreement to sell a property in future whereas a Sale deed is a legal document of actual transfer of property ownership. Learn in debpth in this expert post.

FSSAI License A complete reference

Aug 6, 2020 • Adv. priyanka / savithribhai phule pune unviersity
FSSAI is the legal authority which offers the food license or the food permits to the food business operators or the company’s selling food products in India.

What is Trademark Transfer ?

Aug 3, 2020 • Nikita sharma / guru gobind singh indraprastha university
A registered trademark is transmissible learn about different types of trademark assignment complete or partial in this expert post.

Criteria For Well Known Trademark

Jul 29, 2020 • Nikita sharma / guru gobind singh indraprastha university
Well-known trademark is one which is one unique face in public and any company or organization connected to it will be known by the general public.

Knowing about FSSAI License

Jul 22, 2020 • Prajjwal gour / school of law, davv
The prime criteria for running a food business in India is to get a license from the FSSAI. Read the post to get full information about FSSAI license.

Common Defences in Copyright Infringement Cases

Jul 17, 2020 • Diwakar a s / faculty of law, unviersity of delhi
Learn about section-52 various acts on copyright infringement. Fair dealing, personal private use, criticism review, storing of work and lot more in this expert post.

Deep dive into Trademark Infringement in India

Jul 13, 2020 • Mehak arora
Trademark Infringement in easy terms means someone copying your trademark. Learn in this expert post types of infringements, ground to file case, remedies available along with case studies.

Patent Assignment Deed A Complete Reference

Jul 9, 2020 • Puneet kaur / jemtec school of law, greater noida
Patent Assignment is used when a patent owner transfers his patent rights to another entity. Learn in this expert post how process, adavandates, termination and amendments related to Patent assignment


Jul 3, 2020 • Abhisek behera / kirit p.mehta school of law, nmims, mumbai
Non-Disclosure Agreements are Confidentiality Agreements, Proprietary Information Agreement or Secrecy Agreements under Indian Contract Law. Learn in this expert post all about NDA.

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