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How to sell Copyright in India

Oct 29, 2020 •
Copyright owner can assign his/her current work to a third party in return of onetime payment or royalty. Learn how to sell copyright, legar requirements and documents required for the same.

What is a honest concurrent user of a trademark

Oct 20, 2020 •
Learn what is honest concurrent user of a trademark, documents to prove honest concurrent use, landmark cases in this expert post.

Minimum Requirements for any subject matter to get copyright registration successfully

Oct 18, 2020 •
Learn what is the Subject Matter of Copyright, qualification of substance and material, Test of originality and other technical terms to secure copyright successfully.  

What is Color Trademark? How color becomes the brand itself

Oct 11, 2020 •
A color trademark is different from other trademarks. In the case of color trademark, the color of the product becomes the brand. Learn more in this expert post.

Step by step guide of Design Patent registration in India

Oct 4, 2020 • Ananya from
Registration of design as a patent is an easy process in India. The language for the application can either be Hindi or English. Learn more with this step by step guide to get Design Patent registration in India.

Patent Hearing in India during COVID Pandemic

Sep 21, 2020 •
Due to covid 19 pandemic every patent applicant or authorised patent agents can now easily schedule for online patent hearings. All you need is to email a request for hearing with details of patent applications. Learn more in this expert post.

Trademark Hearing changes during Corona times

Sep 9, 2020 •
Trademark hearing process has been changed slightly during Covid pandemic times. Learn how it impacts your dates, fees, process and get your trademark registered in time.

Patent Infringement – Types, Infringement Search, How to prove and Defence to infringement

Aug 24, 2020 • Anugya mukati / national law institute university, bhopal
Learn what is Patent infringement, types of infringements, Infringement search, How to prove and Defence in infringement.

What is trademark assignment without goodwill?

Aug 18, 2020 • Akrity gupta
A registered trade mark can be assigned weather with or without the goodwill of the business. Learn More in this expert post about Trademakr assignment without goodwill.

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