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Why your Trademarks must avoid using common words?

Feb 16, 2021 • Vaibhavi nayan zaavde
how to select trademark, what are the words we should avoid while selecting brand name.

What is Copyright Infringement?

Feb 7, 2021 • Manasvita tejsi
what is copyright infringement, how infringement is checked, what are the remedies for copyright infringement, how infringement is different from adaption.

Get Trademark for Amazon , Flipkart and Snapdeal

Jan 21, 2021 •
How to select trademark name, how to get trademark registration quickly, how get listed on ecommerce platforms quickly.

Conundrum Of Distinctiveness - Can Protection Be Granted To N95 As A Trade Mark?

Jan 6, 2021 •
Learn what is CONUNDRUM OF DISTINCTIVENESS in trademark with case studies explain whether a mark like N95 can be registered as trademark

Trademark Infringement remedies - Deceptive Marketing and Legal Remedies Available Against the Same

Dec 28, 2020 •
How people copy trademarks, how they misuse famous Trademarks to produce knock off brands, what are the remedies available for the same.

Theory of Passing Off In Trademarks

Dec 21, 2020 • Rasesh pasrija
What is passing off trademark? How false portrayal of the product or service can be considered as passing off trademark. Learn with case studies in this expert post.

Who can file patent for you in India?

Dec 19, 2020 •
who is patent agent, who can file patent on behalf of inventors and companies in India, are lawyers and patent agent same?

What is Corporate Identity Number (CIN)

Dec 13, 2020 • Vidyul dayal
What is CIN number, where to check company details in India, how to check company is registered or not?

What is Trademark passing off?

Dec 10, 2020 •
What is Trademark passing off? What are remedies and legal defences for Trademark passing off. How to file case for Trademark passing off

Brief about Copyright and Copyright Infringement

Dec 9, 2020 •
What is copyright and copyright infringement, how to protect copyrighted materials and action can be taken against copyright infringement.

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