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Patent Renewal in India

Dec 7, 2020 •
Patent are valid for 20 years in India provided patent is renewed timely, patent are to be renewed in India every year with payment of govt fees.

How and who can file Trademark Infringement case ?

Dec 6, 2020 • Abhishek gitte
what is Trademark infringement who can file for Trademark infringement in India what are the grounds for filing TM infringement how to stop others from copying Trademark.

What are grounds of trademark infringement in India?

Dec 5, 2020 • Diksha mehta
What is Trademark infringement, who can file for infringement , what are the grounds for Trademark infringement in India, Trademark infringement examples.

Who can be honest concurrent user in trademarks

Dec 2, 2020 • Rashmi senthilkumar
What is an honest concurrent user in trademark, documents required, case studies and when you cannot use the honest concurrent user.

Patent assignment deed for dummies

Nov 25, 2020 •
Learn about patent assignment deed what must be included, rights and duties, types and advantages of patent assignment deed.

Requirements Of Trademark User Affidavit during trademark registration

Nov 19, 2020 •
Learn what is the requirement of adding a trademark user affidavit during trademark registration process in this expert post.

What is the Criteria For Well Known Trademark

Nov 16, 2020 •
Well known trademark is like an exclusive club to become one there is certain criteria to be met. Learn more about the rules, criteria and documentsrequires to start the process.   

FSSAI license requirements, rules and benefits

Nov 14, 2020 •
Introduction to FSSAI license why it is required, rules for listing and benefits of getting FSSAI license. Learn more in this expert post.

Government relaxes strict compliances to promote business in BPO, KPO and outsourcing sectors

Nov 7, 2020 • S. sri vasavi devi
In Nov 2020 Narendra Modi govt relaxed compliances to promote ease of doing business in BPO, KPO and outsourcing sectors sector. Learn how this impact IT sector in India and first step towards 5 Trillion Economy.

Forms required for Patent Filing in India

Nov 2, 2020 • Abhishek pandey
Patent registration process requires lot of forms to be filling during different stages at the time of filing, within 3,6 months of date of application, after patent is licensed. Learn when to file what in this expert post.

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