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Trademark Objection - Types of TM Objections raised in Trademark Objection Report

Sep 5, 2016 •
We all are aware about trademark registration process in India. We know that once the application is filed it will be formally examined by the examiner. Once your application is marked for examination it means that your application will soon be examined and the examiner will issue its objections.

Things to be taken care of during Private Limited Company Incorporation

Aug 29, 2016 •
Important points to be taken care of while registering your Private Limited Company. Key points like Equity Shares Or Preference Shares, Authorized Capital and Paid Up Capital, Object Clause to be double checked. As now you are sure what legal entity suits you best and finally you opted for a private limited company, now its time to understand what one must keep in mind...

How to Register 100% subsidiary of a Private Limited Company in India

Aug 21, 2016 •
What is a subsidiary of a Private Limited Company in India. Defination, Procedure and requirements for a foreign subsidiary in India. Over the time we at get a lot of request for incorporation of a subsidiary company in India. Let us understand how to get it done. Starting with basic let us first understand the definition first.

Appointment of director in Private Limited Company

Aug 14, 2016 •
How to add a director in Private limited company. Documents required for appointment of director in a Private Limited Company. A business may start with one or two persons but when it grows you need a helping hand or say a team. Now when we talk about private limited company, it’s mandatory to register a private limited company with minimum of 2 Directors and 2 sharehol...

What do you mean by a Business name and Trade name

Aug 6, 2016 •
Often people are confused with their company name, trade name and brand name. These things might sound similar and sometimes people often consider them to be the same. But, hey they are NOT. As a business owner or an entrepreneur you know what it means and cost to shape up the brand and build your company. Often people are confused with their company name, trade name an...

Why trademark renewal is important

Jul 30, 2016 •
Trademark registration in India is valid upto 10 years from date of filing of trademark application. Generally it’s a long time and people tend to forget the due date for renewing the trademark registration. But it’s a serious mistake to commit. A request for renewal of trademark can be filed before 6 months from the date of actual expiry date.

Who can be a Director in Private Limited Company or who cannot ?

Jul 19, 2016 •
Can anyone become director in Private Limited Company or is there any eligibility criteria required to be a director in a private limited company. Yes, there are certain conditions required to be fulfilled as prescribed in Companies Act, 2013 that may qualify or disqualify you to be director in any company.

How can I copyright my book, blog, website or anything

Jul 10, 2016 •
Every author has different purpose associated with their work. Sometimes it is to gain monetary benefits from their work other times its recognition of the hard-work one has put in. We must remember that even tough you don’t legally copyright your work with registration any thing original created by an individual has copyright over it. However, with copyright registrati...

How to register your Company with Start up India - Registration Process.

Jul 4, 2016 •
Benefits of Startup India Scheme by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Learn how to register your company under Startup India and save tax. We at company360 get lots of queries around the process to get companies registered under the new initiative Startup India by Prime Minister Modi. Before proceeding with this scheme it is important first to understand who can be a STARTUP.

It’s a pretty design - Lets protect with DESIGN PATENT REGISTRATION in India

Jun 24, 2016 •
But what do to when you are an extremely creative person and came up with an idea to reshape or reconstruct an existing thing. How you will be able to mint money out of it and how will you protect it. There comes a rescue for it in shape of DESIGN PATENT. Yes you are right even when you have reconstructed an existing thing in a whole new way even when it does not have a...

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