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Import Export Code IEC - How to expand your company or business across nations

Nov 9, 2016 •
So you started your business and established your company, now what’s next level of expansion. Import export code registration enables you to expand outside your locality your country. Learn from this export post on IEC. There is no such annual filings is required , once you have this code there is no further requirement I required to be fulfilled to keep it valid. Unli...

How to open a BPO or a Call center in India

Nov 6, 2016 •
A call center is a broad term and it includes variety of businesses under its umbrella such as telemarketing, medical transcription, in-bound calls or out bound process etc. The foremost thing anyone planning to start such a business is required to get his company registration done. This step is important and is critical also, before opting of any structure be it privat...

Section 8 Company Registration

Nov 5, 2016 •
What is a section 8 company. Are these companies established as NGOs, trusts, religious, research or social welfare purpose only. Definition of section 8 company as it is, it states that any company established ‘for promoting commerce, art, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, protection of environment or any such other object’, provi...

What are Associated Trademarks and its impact on Trademark Registration

Oct 28, 2016 •
Lot of people often come across an objection over association of trademarks. What exactly these associated trademarks means. Trademark Act 1999 provides the definition of associated trademark is given in section 2(1)(c) of the Trademarks Act 1999. Associated Trademarks means trademarks deemed to be or required to be, registered as associated trademarks under this Act.” ...

Role and Duties of an Auditor

Oct 21, 2016 •
An Auditor is a watch dog of a company not a blood hound” is one of famous phrase by justice lopes. There are certain defined duties for an auditor to perform being an auditor of a company but of course auditor also has a certain limitation. As we are well aware that auditor appointment is one of major compliance that every company has to comply within 30 days of its in...

Mergers and Acquisition of Companies - Importance of Intellectual property Due diligence

Oct 15, 2016 •
Mergers and acquisition are not new in corporate world and there has been a lot that is documented about what it actually means and what are the various types of mergers and acquisition that takes place. In simple words you may say that Mergers and acquisitions are both changes in control of companies that involve combining the operations of multiple entities into a sin...

Company Registration in India

Oct 4, 2016 •
Company registration is one of the legal procedures which give your business a separate legal entity status that have its own identity and value. Every renowned name in this business world have started with a small step of company registration. A company registration doesn’t just make you a separate entity and but also establishes a real net worth of your business. Such...

Trademark registration in India – It’s all about the Date. But HOW ?

Sep 17, 2016 •
According to Trademark mark Act 1999, an applicant may even file for a trademark application in India, even if he/she is not using the trademark initially but have an intention to use the trademark applied later on. It means the trademark registry allows the name or brand reservation.

Authorized capital V/S Paid-up capital in a company

Sep 13, 2016 •
Many entrepreneurs ask this questions what is authorized capital? How it is different from paid up capital. Let us understand in this post what exactly these terms mean. Authorized capital as the word suggests means approved capital. Authorized capital is the maximum capital that one can raise as the capital of the company by issuing shares. In other words, it is the am...

How to register your Product as a trademark

Sep 9, 2016 •
Key question to ask to register your product as a Trademark. Whether Primary requirement for protecting a shape of the good ? What is the test for Nature of Goods. Procedural requirements for the filing of shape marks as trademarks as listed in The Trademark Rules. As a reminder we must be clear that EVEN shape of goods, holograms etc can be protected as trademarks. B...

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