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Trademark Opposition Process Flowchart

Jan 3, 2017 •
Learn Trademark opposition process with a simple flowchart - What is TM opposition ? How to file TM-5 or Trademark opposition.

Trademark Opposition in India

Jan 2, 2017 •
Understand who may oppose an accepted trademark, what is the timeline to oppose a trademark and moreover what are the grounds on which an accepted and advertised trademark may be opposed. Under Section 11 of the Trademarks Act , a person may object over the advertised mark in case it is in conflict with a wellknown mark or is in contravention to copyright law or may giv...

Trademark Registration process in India and Its Timeline

Dec 30, 2016 •
The process of process of Trademark Registration is a step by step procedure to get your TM registered. For some it becomes an unsolvable maze but with experts on your side things are piece of cake. Lets take you through 6 steps to get your trademark registered.

How to choose appropriate class for trademark registration in India

Dec 28, 2016 •
Often we read about how to file trademark application and how to respond to trademark objection etc. but we conveniently miss the due diligence and proper decision making that shall be done before deciding to file a trademark application. In this article we will try to understand how to decide the number of TM applications required and how to select the most relevant tr...

Importance of MoA and AoA in Company Registration

Dec 25, 2016 •
Memorandum of Association and Article of Association are like Constitution and Preamble of a private limited company. If you are setting up startup entrepreneur these are key documents during the registration of your company and throughout the existence of your company. We all are familiar with the process of incorporation of company in India, all company registrations ...

Can someone steal your Registered Trademark

Dec 24, 2016 •
Getting a Trademark registered is just the beginning but maintaining your brand name is essential. Even a registered mark is likely to lose its protection in case it is not maintained properly. Suppose your brand is now famous but you failed to control its unauthorised usage over the period or time you may lose the right to exercise your monopoly and your brand name may...

Foreign Filing Licence - Patents

Dec 3, 2016 •
So Have an Invention But it’s not Patentable in India - Foreign Filing is your solution. Expert post on how to get your patent filed outside India. According to Indian Patent Act inventions related to softwares are not patentable, Sec 3(K) of the Indian patent act expressly states that software programmes per se are not patentable and this section is generally cited in ...

Well Known Trademark Complete Reference

Nov 22, 2016 •
Well known trademarks are the trademarks or the brand name which have gained an enviable reputation among the masses and these brands are so huge that irrespective of their functioning or association with a particular product or class, people tend to associate a reference towards them with any product that use their name.

Smitten by Modi govt. Demonetization | Ban on 500 & 1000 notes Remedies

Nov 13, 2016 •
In midst of this new policy many Indian citizens are stuck. In this post we are trying to understand rules of this policy and how to bring back our income into our bank accounts without hassles which are seen on social network and tv. We are really proud of Modi Government bold step to take War on Black money head on. This step will be indeed a game changer for India.

Watch your trademark | Essentials for Brand Building

Nov 12, 2016 •
In order to make your brand strong, it requires a good investment and efforts to watch on what going on around your trade name in the market, technically this is known as Trademark watch. Mostly, people file for a trademark and feel that they have secured it, ideally this the case even. But now with the boom in online marketing, generally people avoid getting their trad...

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