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Trademark Registration - what is Trademark Hearing ?

Feb 6, 2017 •
Trademark hearing is generally the last step of trademark registration process in India, A good attorney may get your trademark through this process and get your trademark registered - Hire lawyer at Company360, for better, quick and reliable Trademark hearing.

Trademark application How to write description of goods and services properly

Feb 3, 2017 •
Learn how to avoid TM Objection by properly describing goods and services in your Trademark Application for speedy Trademark registration.

Trademark Registration – Learn how to Apply for Trademark in India

Jan 26, 2017 •
Tradeamrk Registration process - how to file Trademark application error free, fill TM-1 form, Categories of TM Application and common reasons for TM Objection.

Trademark Objection - How to avoid TM objection

Jan 22, 2017 •
While applying for Trademark Registration, conduct a proper search on about your mark, analyze the Trademark search report properly, in case many similar sounding marks, or marks having same prefix or suffix like your intended mark, Try to avoid such mark in case so simply do not want any Trademark Objection over your proposed name.

Company Registration in India Recent Changes

Jan 19, 2017 •
In recent update the Ministry of corporate affairs has notified about this new form with a very unique facility. That in just this single form now people will be able to apply for PAN and TAN also. As we all know there are list of things which one has to do even after incorporating the company, that is the bank account opening and thus starting the business in real sense.

Trademark Objection - Draft carefully to save your Trademark Registeration

Jan 16, 2017 •
In many recent cases, we have seen how your trademark prosecution history plays a key role and in future god forbid your trademark registration lands up in legal soup. Whatever you write or your attorney writes on your behalf while responding to Trademark objection is vital for your Trademark. Now you might be thinking how is this possible, your attorney filed a reply a...

Trademark Registration is not everything do you own your domain

Jan 9, 2017 •
Domain is separate then your Trademark registration and company registration. Online identity though represent your company is an independent asset and can have dangerous implication for your brand. Even if your brand name is available always understand that trademark registration in India do not allow monopoly over common names, generic names and names that are common ...

Copyright Assignment in India

Jan 8, 2017 •
Like any other intellectual properties such as patent, trademark etc even copyright work can also be transferred from the owner to another person. Learn how to safely execute copyright assignment to avoid future hassles. So in short when you had patience to create a work having a market, also take a moment to go through the copyright assignment or any other agreement ma...

What all we need to do while drafting an LLP Agreement

Jan 6, 2017 •
We all know that apart from private limited company registration , LLP registration in India is second most popular legal entity that people opt for their business registration. Before, proceeding to construction and requirements of general clause in an agreement, let us first understand how we should mold an agreement in accordance to situation of the parties to agreem...

Trademark licensing in India

Jan 5, 2017 •
Trademark licensing and Trademark Assignment are two different and very confusing concepts but both perform one main objective that is enabling the proprietor of a registered trademark to authorize a third party. But there exist very subtle but crucial differences between the two. So it becomes important to understand in which situation we shall opt for Trademark licens...

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