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All about Contract Drafting - Benefits, Common Contracts and Essentials of a Valid Contract

Feb 2, 2018 •
The drafting of a contract can be defined as writing all the terms and details of the contract and agreement, so that people entering into the contract can fully understand the terms of the agreement. A contract can be drafted by anyone there is no obligation for drafting the contract, although for a secure and reliable contract it should be drafted by a lawyer.

Company registration for free in India in just 1 day – Its Possible

Jan 25, 2018 •
Free company registration within one day is possible in India with latest change applicable from 26th Jan 2018. Only pay professional fees and get your company registered with name approval, DIN, MOA, AOA, PAN and TAN.

Trademark Search the key step in Trademark Registration | Case Study BOOKMYSHOW Vs BOOKMYSPORT

Jan 15, 2018 •
Trademark Search something many companies don’t consider seriously is the most critical part while registering a trademark. Expert attorney analyze, research and only then proceed with Trademark. Case study discussed BookMyShow trademark, Delhi HC invalids BookMy Show claim.

Udyog Aadhar Registration - Everything you need to know about this scheme for MSME

Jan 12, 2018 •
Know about Udyog Aadhar Registration process, benefits and how your company can enroll in this scheme. Learn about Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) their differences and do you qualify to be one and join the Udyog Aadhar revolution.

How patent registration revolutionizes a business

Jan 7, 2018 •
Patent registration is a intellectual property worth the business itself. Learn in this expert post how right Patent registration strategy revolutionizes a market and makes millions for inventors and businesses. Case study discussed Eiffel tower, Lori Greiner from shark tank, Lego toy company and many more.

Skechers Vs Flipkart – don’t let copycats take away your market share

Jan 5, 2018 • Oshika chaudhary
Learn how you can safeguard your products against counterfeit and copycat stuff with the help of intellectual property tools like Trademark and Copyright. An expert attorney can secure your rights and your brand from bogus competition and make you some extra profit as a byproduct. Case study featuring Skechers Vs Flipkart counterfeit selling.

Complete Reference on Design Patent

Jan 1, 2018 • Oshika chaudhary
A design patent is a patent granted over the design of a functional item, whereas a design patent protects only the ornamental manifestation of an invention, not its utilitarian features. A utility patent would protect the way an article is used It is not easy to distinguish the difference between a design patent and other types of property. In simple way it is understo...

10 Types of trademark protection in USA

Dec 18, 2017 • Oshika chaudhary
Yes you can protect different types of trademarks in United States and have broader scope of protection in comparison to other countries. 10 types of trademark protection include word mark, design mark, color mark, touch mark, motion mark etc

Benefits of International Trademark Registration

Dec 16, 2017 • Oshika chaudhary
Learn about benefits International Trademark registration in USA (United States of America) gives to Indian companies and individuals with this article. Discover about greater protection, prevent others from using your trademark, better remedies for Trademark owners etc.

Online Learning is the future of education in Digital Economy

Nov 5, 2017 •
With economies becoming more and more skill oriented, online skill development has become goto place to develop skills for new Digital Economy. Learn how it can help you grow in todays market.

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