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ISO registration a quick guide

Jun 1, 2018 •
A quick guide to understand sequence of various steps for a registration of ISO, the prior to the registration process the company need to choose the standards which they want, like there are various standards for products, process, etc. Know in detail about these steps and easily get the ISO certification.

Shop and Establishment Act Complete Reference

May 22, 2018 •
Shop and Establishment Act is required for any shop, trade, business including charitable trust, educational institutions, societies, banks etc which are working for gain or profit. This registration is required for all the above mentioned business entitied. Learn indepth about this topic in this article.

Benefits of Copyright Registration

May 5, 2018 •
There are numerous benefits of getting your copyright registered properly from an expert. The amount of remedies Copyright Act provides are plenty provided you have registered your copyright from an expert attorney who understands the legality of this act. Learn in this expert post about benefit and remedies of getting a copyright.

Trademark Objections in India

Apr 11, 2018 •
Trademark objection can be of various types which should not be taken lightly. This could stall your trademark registration all together. With the help of expert and proper reply you can easily clear your Trademark Examination. Learn in this expert post about Trademark Objection types in India and how to resolve them.

CE Marking and CE certification – What is it, Why you need it and Who can apply.

Mar 29, 2018 •
Learn about CE Marking and CE certification which can help you expand your business in European continent. Learn why you need this marking and how you can get certified.

Complete reference on International filing with PCT application

Mar 20, 2018 • Sugan umapathy
Find the answers to questions like What is PCT Application, procedure of PCT application filing, what is PCT treaty, countries part of PCT, WIPO and PCT application. A complete reference on PCT(Patent Cooperation Treaty) application.

ISO Certification in India - Process, Benefits and Documents required

Mar 4, 2018 •
ISO certifications is created to help organizations maintain standards to meet needs of customer for various fields. Learn about process, benefits and documents required for ISO certification. Get you ISO certification with no hassle easy, reliable and at most affordable price in India.

All about GST registration - Goods and Services Tax in India

Feb 23, 2018 • Oshika sharma
Learn about GST (Goods and Services Tax) why you require it, what are the benefits, taxes under reverse charge, Implications if you dont register. A complete reference on GST registration in India. For people making inter-state supplies, Non resident taxable people, electronic commerce taxes etc.

Madrid Protocol learn how to file for Trademark outside India

Feb 15, 2018 •
The Madrid system helps in protecting a mark in various countries by obtaining an international trademark registration. It helps in registering a trademark in a cost-effective way for the holders, for example the individuals and businesses to ensure the protection for their marks in different countries through the filing of one application in a single office and in one ...

All about Copyright Registration in India

Feb 10, 2018 •
The copyright is a legal right that provides you protection for the ownership over the things you create. Let it be either a painting, a photograph or a novel, if you have created anything then you will be the owner of it and the copyright law itself protects your ownership rights.

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