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Trademark Hearing difference between Ready for Show Cause Hearing and Under Hearing

Feb 25, 2019 •
Once we apply for Trademark registration, the trademark application goes through series of steps such as Trademark Objection and later on hearing. Receiving notices for hearing are not uncommon and also not that scary, so let us understand how to deal with trademark hearing and how exactly know that is there a hearing date issued or not.

Trademark Objection Formality Check Fail

Feb 17, 2019 •
There are many types of objections that are substantive during examination of Trademark Application. One of the prominent one which can be easily avoided is Formality check fail - learn in this expert post how you can escape it in time.

MSME Form 1 Mandatory for Private and Public limited companies 2019 MCA Notification

Feb 10, 2019 •
According to the latest notification issued by the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) it has mandated to file disclosures in Form MSME I for every type of the Company [Whether Public or Private Company]. Last date for this disclosure is 22nd Feb 2019. Learn more in this expert post.

All about FSSAI Licence registration in India

Dec 1, 2018 •
If you want to start any type of food business like restaurants, hotels, manufacturing of food item, import or Export of food articles, Trading, Retailing, Cold storage, E-commerce, transport etc basically anything related to food business requires this FSSAI licence.

Import Export Code Registration (IEC) in India (in 24hrs only) | Video

Nov 30, 2018 •
Learn How to get Import Export Code Registration in India the fastest and easiest way to begin your business journey. IMPORT EXPORT CODE is basically a registration required to be obtained by any person or legal entity looking forward to buy, sell, export, import the goods and services outside India.

Types of trademarks you need for your brand

Oct 15, 2018 •
Confused about filing a logo, coloured logo, black and white mark – what should be part of trademark registration. Learn in this expert post how to get the perfect trademark registered. In this post we will discuss how to choose right strategy for your brand and refer some popular trademark like McDonalds, Nike etc with some milestone caselaws like Tiffany & Co, Life Sa...

Design Patent Procedure AKA Design Registration Process

Aug 5, 2018 •
Patent is an exclusive rights given for the patentee in order exploit the invention. Designs can also be patented and you can have the right over your creation. Design can be a combination of shapes, pattern, ornament, configuration etc. The ultimate benefits out of patenting the design is for the monopoly over such design thorough that can get competitive advantage ove...

All about Patent Provisional and Complete Specification

Jul 1, 2018 •
Patent provisional specification is a choice which allows an inventor to secure his right well before he finalizes the reasearch for his patent while complete specification is a must once you are confident about all the aspects of your invention. Learn in details what is difference and how you can use Provisional and Complete specification to your advantage.

Patent Registration Process in India

Jun 16, 2018 •
In India every process starts with an application, similarly Patent registration starts by filing an application either in patent office or through online portals. Learn in this expert post about Patent registration process, its benefits and how to get your invention patented in India.

Share Capital - A Complete Reference

Jun 11, 2018 •
Share capital consists of funds raised by issuing shares in return for cash or other considerations. Know more about share capital in this complete reference expert post.

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