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How to Draft a Legal Notice

Jun 18, 2019 •
Legal notice is the first and most important step to pursue the legal action, hence each of the line in notice shall be carefully drafted to avoid any inconvenience later on. Learn dos and don’t while forming your legal notice to get your message across at the same time safeguard your rights provided by law.

Company360 joins InstaOffice as Exclusive Partner

Jun 6, 2019 •
Company360 is glad to be a chosen partner with InstaOffice. InstaOffice is the fastest growing network of office solutions in India for start-ups and entrepreneurs alike. This partnership will help the Company360 member clients a one stop solution for office spaces and virtual offices which is often required by start-ups, entrepreneurs, MNC’s and sometimes even foreign ...

Can Trademark Registration protect my Domain name

Jun 4, 2019 •
In today’s fast internet growing world, protection of Domain Names cannot be ignored. Domain names serves the same purpose for online business which Trademark performs for offline business. Domain names enjoys the protection in India similarly as the protection enjoyed by the trademarks. The only requirement is that domain name fulfils all pre-requisites mentioned under...

What is Specific Performance in a contract

May 4, 2019 •
During the breach of contract cases there is a remedy which goes by the name “equitable remedy” that gives the court power to direct the defendant to do his part of the contract. One such equitable remedy is Specific performance. Learn more about Sepcific performance in this expert post.

Active INC 22A form deadline extended to 15th June 2019

Apr 25, 2019 •
MCA has issued new compliance in order to ascertain official address of the Companies, in order to eliminate dummy companies. For the purpose of the same , a new for namely e-form INC 22A which is also known as e-Form ACTIVE (Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification). Last take for Active form INC 22A is extended to 12th June 2019

Partnership Deed Complete Reference

Apr 11, 2019 •
Partnership Deed is a written agreement between the parties to achieve common goals in respect of business and explains vital points which minimize the clashes and disagreements between the parties participating in a venture. A document which defines rights and obligation of each party to a business operation for conducting smooth business and which has the force of law...

Trademark refusal notice in India - what can be done ?

Apr 1, 2019 •
We often see status about trademarks being refused, this means now your application is processed and has completed all stages of prosecution and is refused. But is there anything we can do about it, let us understand what can be done.

Copyright Basics - A Crash Course

Mar 25, 2019 •
Being a creator is tough, as you never know when you get a perfect story plot, song or music, in this digital age content creation is money in itself and requires lot of time and effort to put a really creative content out online and we all are aware how good content is always susceptible to free riders, content theft etc. So how to safe guard such things.

MSME Form 1 Mandatory for Private Limited and Public Limited companies

Mar 12, 2019 •
According to the latest notification issued by the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) it has mandated to file disclosures in Form MSME I for every type of the Company [Whether Public or Private Company].

Trademark Hearing Essentials

Mar 4, 2019 •
Learn about things required to do in case you have receive Trademark hearing notice. Trademark hearing preparation depends upon the Trademark objection raised previously on your mark.

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