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How to SELL Trademark in India

Nov 7, 2019 •
In case you have a brand which already have some value, which owner or companies do want to sale in near future because of variety of reasons they can do so. The owners may sale their brands or trademarks to any other person or legal entity by the means of trademark assignment, which means assigning of the right over the trademark to any other person.In case you have a ...

Trademark name - coined words or words with no meaning used for Trademark Registration

Nov 5, 2019 •
Creating or selecting a trademark is no easy task. But before applying for the registration of the trademark one must always go for coined or invented marks without any real meaning for example KODAK, EXXON etc. Coined words have the advantage of being easy to protect as they are more likely to be considered distinct. On the negative side, however, they may be more diff...

Intellectual property rights (IPR) and its types

Oct 15, 2019 •
The concept of intellectual property has been derived from the Labor theory of property.In India, the Intellectual properties are majorly divided into 5 types. Such as patent, copyright, design, trademark, and GI. Learn more in this expert post.

How to dowload Trademark Registration Certificate

Oct 4, 2019 •
Once your trademark is accepted and Advertised in Trademark Journal you have generated a trademark Registration certificate online. Using following steps you can easily download your Registered Trademark Certificate.

Big Announcement by Finance Minister September 2019 Corporate Tax slashed and a lot more

Sep 20, 2019 •
Corporate tax rate slashed, MAT reduced, tax holidays can avail concessional rates, Enhanced surcharge will not apply to capital gains, CSR to be 2 percent and a lot more.

Save money on Trademark Filing in India

Sep 19, 2019 •
Filing a trademark in India can be done by anyone either an Individual/Sole proprietor or the Legal Entity itself. Legal Entity can be divided into following Categories Partnership firms, Corporation, Private limited company, Limited liability Company etc.

Is Logo protected under Trademark or Copyright

Aug 14, 2019 •
Trademarks and logos are huge assets for any business and there are always people in the market who are ready to steal or copy your intellectual property. Companies such as Apple, Samsung and many more spend incredible resources and huge amount of protecting their logos and brand name. The only way to achieve protection is registering your intellectual property through ...

Design Opposition and its Procedure in India

Jul 29, 2019 •
Design opposition is different from trademark opposition, as Trademark can be opposed by any person after its publication in Journal but before registration, however there is no such concept of opposition in design, it is straight forward cancellation application. In design cancellation one must remember that design can only be cancelled after it is registered basically...

All about Trademark Opposition – Procedure, Stages and More

Jul 15, 2019 •
What is Trademark opposition - When the applied trademark is advertised in Trade Marks Journal, then within a period of 4 months the accepted and advertised trade mark can be opposed by a third party. A third party generally files an opposition when there is a similar trademark published in the Journal or if the trade mark is alleged to be a non-distinctive trade mark.

Budget 2019 India Key Announcements

Jul 8, 2019 •
Key highlights for Union Budget 2019 India, understand from these key points where you can save and where you would have to spend more. Why Stock market is the reacting this way - what are the takeaways.

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